Friday, February 26, 2010

The Good News Were NOT Good

I was just reading the post "Good News" from July 20, 2009 where I shared with you all about me moving to another country and realized that 7 months later the moving seems to be finally over. Yes, this was the most disastrous moving experience I have ever had in my entire life and believe me, I have moved a lot.

In about an hour the container with whatever is left from my stuff is arriving home. I don't know how things will arrive but I'm expecting the worst and I hope I can salvage some of my stuff like my books, my pictures, my extensive movie collection and my life story. I know that my computer, sound system, dvd player, laserdisc player and many other stuff will be kaput! But at least the wait will be over after months and months of waiting.

I wish this blog will be the place to tell you my moving story, but it's not. This is a film blog and as such will remain.

Now you know another reason why I haven't posted often.


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