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#Oscars2018 Foreign-Language Film: Today, August 22, submission from Nepal.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

30th European Film Awards - Documentary Selection

Yesterday the European Film Academy released the documentary selection for the current edition of the annual awards.

The selection has fifteen (15) documentaries recommended for a nomination with ten (10) being recommended by documentary festivals chosen in co-operation with the European Documentary Network (EDN), these festivals are:

-IDFA (Netherlands)
-CPH:DOX (Denmark)
-Visions du Réel (Switzerland)
-DokLeipzig (Germany)
-Docslisboa (Portugal)
-Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Greece)
-Jihlava (Czech Republic)
-Cinéma du Réel (France)
-Krakow Film Festival (Poland)
-Sheffield Doc/Fest (UK)

Monday, August 07, 2017

74th Venice International Film Festival Lineup

Today, August 7, 2017 organizers announce three (3) more films in the selection, one is out of competition, another is a special screening and the last one is a documentary in Venezia Classici section.

The two films are by well-known directors, first is the much-awaited return of John Woo to the crime thriller which made him famous and second, outstanding filmmaker Andrea Segre latest opus which hope has his peculiar storytelling style even when story is about immigration to Europe.

Just noticed la Biennale di Venezia changed its website, so have to find where is everything as not being able to find where is the Special Screenings or maybe the movie announced today is the only one (probably not).  While learn about the site will write the Andrea Segre film data in the following paragraph.

Special Screening: L'ordine delle Cose, Andrea Segre, Italy

To check the news at official site go here

Thursday, August 03, 2017

90th Academy Awards Foreign Language Films Submissions

8/5/17 Update - As expected, Switzerland became the first country to enter the Oscar race as film was announced yesterday at Locarno fest.

Today is a good day to start my most favorite post of the year, the one about the films countries send to Oscars for their consideration.  Will start with some general news but in a few days we will learn the first film as since last year Switzerland announces its submission during the Locarno Film Festival, which started just yesterday.

As did last year, will link sources at my Pinterest; sources are in the original language so my best suggestion is to use Chrome for auto-translation.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

2017 Giornate degli Autori Lineup

There is one quite big surprise this year as seems organizers retired the section English name to left only the Italian name.  In my opinion is for the best as the English name, Venice Days, had no relation to the Italian name nor what the section is all about; the literal translation from Italian to English is "Days of the Authors" which at least mention something related to this film director's competition.  Well, let's see if soon there is an official press release about the name, if they give an official English translation or they simply go on as nothing happened with the belief nobody notices.  Sigh.

This year, the fourteenth edition of the Giornate degli Autori is devoted to seeking out originality and diversity. Not to astonish, or provoke by riding the wave of easy titles, but to share the delight of discovery. Of celebrating difference. Of finding the ones who march to the beat of a different drummer.

The Giornate's General Delegate, Giorgio Gosetti, has this to say: "Our experience of viewing the films, which we shared this year with a group of programmers and experts whom we truly cannot thank enough, has taught us that there is an abundance of films out there that are very well made and thoroughly professional, but all too often fail to strike a chord with audiences. Surprise them. The fact that we select a handful of titles from all over the world allows us the privilege - and the challenge - of placing our bets on each filmmaker and each work as if it were unique, and all the more precious for that reason. We don't aspire to offering solely masterpieces in our official selection and special events; we do want audiences to be able to say after each viewing, Well, it was well worth it, flying on the wings of this story. I'm glad I've made this filmmaker's acquaintance."

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

2017 Lux Prize Official Selection Update

Yesterday morning during the press conference presenting the Giornati degli Autori selection, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, announced the three (3) finalists films for the current edition of this award.

Seems the 2017 edition could be another year where everyone prediction will win as seems BPM has become a favorite among critic's and audiences, so perhaps will also be honored with more prestigious awards like this one.  Yes, Robin Campillo's Beats Per Minute is a finalist along with Amanda Kernell's Sami Blood and Valeska Grisebach's Western.

The three films in the Official Competition showcase the LUX Film Prize's desire to embrace an unpredictable variety of genre and tones like never before:

-Robin Campillo's third film follows a group of Act Up activists who fight to lend the AIDS problem more visibility in 1992 France and encourage faster progress to be made in terms of research and prevention.

Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 International Film Critics' Week Lineup

The Venice International Film Critics’ Week (SIC) is an independent and parallel section organized by the National Union of Italian Film Critics (SNCCI) during the 74th Venice International Film Festival (30th August – 9th September, 2017).

The program includes a selection of seven (7) debut films in competition and two special events out of competition, all presented in world premiere screenings. The selection is curated by the General Delegate of the Venice Critics’ Week Giona A. Nazzaro together with the members of the selection committee Luigi Abiusi, Alberto Anile, Beatrice Fiorentino and Massimo Tria.

The 2017 official selection includes:

Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 Invitation to Join AMPAS

Yesterday the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced is extending 774 invitations to join the organization and because there are some people I was very positively impressed they were invited, as well as was utterly impressed Kristen Stewart is not a member as of this moment (!!!), I'm doing this post with comments and to list some of the people invited a couple of Academy Branches.

On the interesting side of AMPAS list there are 30 individuals that have been invited by multiple branches, but they have to select only one branch upon accepting membership.  Besides having to pay their financial dues, new members will be welcomed into the Academy at invitation-only receptions in the fall - meaning Oscar Season.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

70th Festival de Cannes Award Winners

Suddenly, Cannes is over. Once Again. Feel kind of sad.  Very glad there are great movies in this year edition that hope to see sooner than later.

Regret that jury didn't wanted to make history, didn't wanted to be remembered forever, didn't wanted to give for the very first time EVER the Palme d'Or to a two-time-winner director and make him the ONLY three-time winner. Sigh.

Instead they opted for a Swedish film in English by a great Swedish director debut in not-his-mother-tongue film.  The good news is that film could be good as not many directors have succeed when they do films in other languages; so, good for him (!) and also, for us -the audience.

Closing Ceremony Live TV #Cannes2017

Today's Agenda - Sunday May 28th

06:00pm : Red carpet of closing ceremony
08:30pm : Press conference of the jury
09:30pm : Photocall of winners
09:45pm : Press conference of winners

3rd L’Œil d’Or Award Winner

Will not deny that I'm very pleased with this edition of the documentary award as believe winner is undoubtedly the most interesting doc in the festival as surely has awesome visuals, definitively must be a great cinema experience and most of all, the idea behind film is truly outstanding, one that should be emulated (copied!) everywhere in the world, especially in smaller towns.

The Golden Eye (as is called in English) this year goes to Visages, Villages (Faces, Places) by Agnès Varda and JR.

The jury’s justification was the following: "Our jury has been deeply moved by Agnès and JR’s decision to meet local, so-called ‘little’ people, and our hearts have been touched by this movie-tale about consideration for the other through art. These combined perspectives are both delicate and generous."

2017 Queer Palm Award Winners

As soon as read about Robin Campillo's film BPM (Beats Per Minute), knew was going to win this award as the award-worthy story was really compelling, emotional and relevant, even today.

Of course had no idea that film was going to be received so well, with film critics (crying) coming out of cinema teary-eyed and pouring so many positive reactions that film almost immediately became Palme d'Or favorite front-runner.

Film is a success story and more success will follow after the festival not matter if wins or not the top award.  Perhaps the only unfortunate element is that Pedro Almodovar is the jury president as there are some non-French-speaking critics suggesting that IF film wins top award is because of Pedro being the jury president (!!!???).

7th Cannes Soundtrack Award Winners

Yesterday organizers announced award winner is the Composer of Good Time original score, Oneohtrix Point Never, working name of Daniel Lopatin.  Here is and excerpt from what Warp says about the award:

"Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Josh Safdie became close friends through a shared love of cult genre movies and music, and their level of collaboration here has a rare depth of symbiosis of picture and score. Mundane events become dramatic, montages become mini operas and Iggy Pop features on the poignant closer ‘The Pure And The Damned’."

Oneohtrix Point Never experimental electronica's original score was also part of movies like Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and Ariel Kleiman's Partisan.

A Special Mention is given to composer Arnaud Rebotini for the soundtrack of 120 Battements par Minute by Robin Campillo, the film that many hope will win Cannes film festival and the one that has already collected several collateral awards.

Friday, May 26, 2017

49th Quinzaine des Réalisateurs Award Winners

Winners were announced a few minutes ago but seems official press release was sent to media earlier, as all had articles with winners before the actual "live" ceremony via facebook video.

Anyway winners are not available yet at official site and perhaps when they post, we will find the Special Mentions (if there are any) as event in section official twitter there are no mentions to special mentios (lol).

According to some cinema pundits, section top award is the one given by CICAE and this year went to an American film that quite a few film critics praised, The Rider by Chloe Zhao; then among only European films, Jonas Carpignano's A Ciambra gets the Label Europa Cinemas Award and ONLY among French films the most pleasant surprise as there is a tie between the films by Claire Denis, Let The Sunshine In, and Cannes regular Philippe Garrel's Lover for a Day.

Undoubtedly Claire Denis win is the reason why Juliette Binoche stayed for so long in Cannes as usually most top-actors come and go very fast.  Nevertheless, I'm quite pleased to see Binoche all over Cannes events and premieres.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

56th Semaine de la Critique Selection Award Winners

As happened last year for the first time, the Critics' Week is the first parallel section that has their award ceremony and seems trend will stay for the future.

If stays, then will be the shorter major collateral event of the festival.

Most interesting is Charles Tesson, Semaine director, had the most visibility ever and not only was present in many activities -as always- but also presented film and allowed photographs. No doubt his visibility went up a few notches.

I'm always cautious with films in this section but definitively the one that called my attention the most is Los Perros; still know that probably will watch Ava that won an award tonight.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Day 5 at #Cannes2017

Day five marks the beginning of Nicole Kidman in Cannes as the first of the four films is screened today and not less-relevant, today is the first film (out of two) with Isabelle Huppert in the lead.  But day will be on the soft side for me  as not really interested in much of the films screened today, with a few exceptions, of course.

Know that Happy End by Michael Haneke will screen tomorrow but press screening is today and I'm dying to find my favorite film critics reactions.  Not that will matter (lol) as will see film no matter whoever says whatever.  But as many in the world, I'm curious.

Will not publish until me learning press reactions to Haneke's film as will talk about them today to compensate for the films screened today at fest. By-the-way, imagine that not many have realized that Happy End poster is a cell phone... similar to what you see when you're about to take photo with your phone.  This is something that has been puzzling me as wish to know why there is a phone but at the same time I hate to have a movie spoiled and somehow suspect that if learn reason why will spoil something (big) in the movie.

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