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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

6th Annual Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild Awards Winners

Last Saturday the guild had their awards ceremony where announced winners in 23 categories of film, television, commercials and live theater.

Believe Vice double win makes film a contender for top award at Oscars; but, Borders definitively has a more interesting and visual outstanding makeup and hair styling.   There are only three Oscar nominees in this category so IF Vice does not win, then has to be Border or Mary Queen of Scots. (lol)

Winners are in *BLUE.  To check winners in all categories go to official site here.

66th Annual MPSE Golden Reel Awards Winners

Last Saturday the MPSE had the Golden Reel awards ceremony and to my pleasant surprise, Roma won an award.

Award winners are in *BLUE.  To check winners in all categories go official site here as soon they will update winners; meanwhile go to THR article here.

Yesterday the Motion Picture Sound Editors organization announced the nominations for the current year awards and there are three films with three nominations each leading: Roma, A Quiet Place, and First Man.

Let's recall that nominees represent the work of the world's most talented sound artists and their contribution to the past year's most outstanding feature film, television, animation, and computer entertainment productions.

Monday, February 18, 2019

55th Cinema Audio Society Awards Winners

Last Saturday night the society had their awards ceremony with some surprises, especially in the animation category as group honored a film forgotten this awards season, Isle of Dogs.

Bohemian Rhapsody win comes as no surprise for me; but, as many do, wonder if Academy members will honor film with an Oscar as even do film is a crowd pleaser, it might have too-much negative baggage.

Winners are in *BLUE. To check winners in all categories go official site here.

71st Writers Guild Awards Winners

Yesterday the guild had their awards ceremony and as many comment, there is no clearity in what could happen at the Oscars as industry guilds, societies and groups have been honoring different movies.  Tend to agree but when review winners it's noticeable that top prizes went, with one exception, to movies that are expected to get a nomination for best picture.

Writers guild have not a good record of predicting Oscar winners as often do not include critically acclaim movies because writers are not guild members.  Nevertheless there are years when they coincide and maybe this year will happen in the adapted script category as WGA winner is at least nominated, which is not the case for original script.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

69th Berlin International Film Festival Award Winners

Awards ceremony has been emotional because Dieter Kosslick tributes, homages and the spontaneous reaction of the ceremony audience. I will miss him as believe not many celebrities have what he does, HUGE charm with very-dark and very-dry humor, which simply LOVE it!

The movie clips are always welcome and today are helping to focus more on the movies than on the departure of beloved festival director.

My reactions to fest winners is, in general, as a whole have a traditional flavor, which in my book is just perfect.  Very glad that last Berlinale directed by Dieter Kosslick has been good and Juliette Binoche's hand is absolutely allover in top award winners, which is also perfect.

Lapid, Ozon, and newcomer Fingscheidt won the one, two and three film awards at 2019 Berllinale.   Wait, wait a gift from the jury for DK a huge bear, lol.  Will also miss Anke as assume she'll be gone too.  Not afraid of change, change is good BUT has to be equal or better than what Kosslick is leaving, sigh; Let's hope next year there will be nothing to regret.

33rd Teddy Awards Winners

At post bottom there is a video with the awards ceremony in full if you wish to see the show -more than the awards (lol)-.

Top feature and documentary winners come from Latin American filmmakers, which makes it a great night for LGBT cinema of a region lately bringing outstanding films with queer relevant themes.  Congrats Latin American filmmakers and keep them coming.  Thanks.

Winners are below in *BLUE.  To check films that got a "nominated" mention go to post with all festival winners here.

As Berlinale program has been published in full, here are the films that will compete this year for the most famous LGBT film award.

But first let's share that the Special Teddy Award goes to Falk Rickter and most interesting, for the first time the online magazine queer.de is going to be media partner of the Teddy Award and there is a diverse jury of five people to select the winner of the Teddy Readers' Award 2019.

Monday, February 11, 2019

17th Annual Visual Effects Society Awards Winners

On February 5th the society had their awards ceremony and winners are below in *BLUE.  To check winners in all categories go official site here.

Visual effects category this year is kind of weird as by now we know BAFTA winner is Black Panther a film that has no nominations here nor at Oscars.  When checking winners here and the Oscar nominations there is a suggested front runner: Avengers: Infinity War with a runner up, Ready Player One. All of the above is confirmed when we consider that in six of the last ten years the winner of outstanding VFX in photo-real feature category went to win the VFX Oscar.  By-the-way it is the first time a Marvel movie wins top prize.

Believe best visual effects I have seen lately in a non-comic book-action-hero are the ones in Mortal Engines, then in the DC/Marvel world no doubt that Black Panther has the best effects.  Both films have NO Oscar nomination, so there is no chance that my favorites win (lol), sigh.

A couple of days ago the Visual Effects Society (VES) announced the nominees for the 2019 edition of the awards that honor outstanding visual effects artistry and innovation in film, animation, television, commercials and video games plus the VFX supervisors and producers.

31st Annual Scripter Award Winner

For those that do not believe this is a very unusual awards season this group gave another example of how weird the season is and how unpredictable has become as top award winner did not receive an Oscars nomination!   Just because relevance, TV winner also has no Emmy nomination. 

Scripter award usually predicts the best adapted screenplay Oscar winner but this year its streak is over; still is a well-deserved award for a film that many consider deserved a whole lot more attention during this awards season.

Great director Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini and Peter Rock were honored with the Scripter Award and because really enjoyed the miniseries will share the TV winner: A Very English Scandal.

33rd American Society of Cinematographers Awards Winners

On Saturday, February 9, in the Ray Dolby Ballroom at the Hollywood & Highland complex the society had their ceremony awards with a surprising win on their milestone 100th anniversary.

My major surprise is that Roma didn't win, but as mentioned when posting the nominees the other movie with outstanding cinematography was Cold War and yes, won the top award.  This award increases Cold War Oscars winning possibilities but by now we know which film won BAFTA cinematography, so Roma is still a strong contender.

Most interesting fact, this year the ASC honored European films as both film awards went to east Europe cinema countries, Poland and Georgia.  The Spotlight Award went to Giorgi Shvelidze for Namme.  Big congrats to always outstanding European cinema.

Monday, February 04, 2019

23rd Annual Art Directors Guild Awards Winners

Last Saturday, February 2nd the guild announced winners o fits 23rd Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards in 11 categories of film, television, commercials, music videos and animation features during an award ceremony hosted by David Alan Grier and presided by ADG President Nelson Coates and Art Directors Council Chair Mark Worthington.

The theme for this year's Gala was Landscape of the Imagination and the Cinematic Imagery Award went to Rob Marshall; Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to: Jeannine Oppewall, Ed Verreaux, Jim Fiorito, and William F. Matthews.  Benjamin Carre was inducted in the ADG Hall of Fame.

A special tribute was presented to long time Hollywood orchestra leader Johnny Crawford honoring his final year performing at the ADG Awards.  His Orchestra, featuring the Starlite Sisters have been part of the ADG Awards Gala for two decades.

69th Annual ACE EDDIE Awards Winners

Last Friday, February 1st the group had their awards ceremony presided by ACE President, Stephen Rivkin and perhaps the biggest surprise for me is Roma not winning and instead top award dramatic went to Bohemian Rhapsody!  But group is forgiven only because comedy went to The Favourite which in my opinion, deserves the tech award, even do film is not a comedy.

Well, to be honest Roma not winning was not a huge surprise as remember film didn't got an Oscar nomination in this category.  By-the-way IF film had gotten an Oscar nomination in editing, then would have held the record for the most nominations, sigh.

Now Oscar frontrunners are The Favourite and Bohemian Rhapsody as both have Oscar nominations; no matter who wins, tech award should go to magnificent The Favourite as editing moved film in the right direction and yes, helped to make it more accessible to become Yorgos Lanthimos most accessible film up-to-date.

71st Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Winners

Saturday night the guild had their awards ceremony and as expected Alfonso Cuarón got the top award which makes a big celebratory win as it was Guillermo del Toro who presented with the award.

Most interesting milestone is since 2014 -with the exception of 2017- top award have been given to a Mexican-born director, 2014 Alfonso Cuarón, 2015 Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 2016 Alejandro G. Iñárritu, 2018 Guillermo del Toro and 2019 Alejandro G. Iñárritu again.  All these directors went to win the Oscar for Directing therefore we can predict Alfonso Cuarón is not only the front-runner but also the most likely Oscar winner.  A milestone that will make Oscar history too and shows the dominance of very creative and imaginative filmmakers.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

69th Berlinale Complete Lineup Final

Post is ready with all sections verified and yes, have read about each of below films. Festival has about 400 films and below list has most of them.  Sections listed with films have ALL films (features and shorts, if applicable) and Forum has some additional older films that interested me.

There are many films that I'm looking forward to watch, which have exponentially increased my viewing queue, sigh.  No doubt this year Berlinale Competition is very interesting with films of well-known directors -which is always welcomed as believe newcomers should debut in fests other than-competitition sections, unless their film is outstanding...

In about a week the fest will began and yes, I'm starting to feel sad as will miss Kosslick and his pleasant larger than life casual personality.  But will try to enjoy him for one last time during the festival.  Wonder if he leaves, will fun-to-watch (in a very dark way) Anke Engelke leave too?  The chemistry these two had was like oil and water but was the funniest I have seen in any festival and elsewhere; remember that I like very-dark dry humor (lol).

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners

Last Sunday the guild had their awards ceremony and after unremarkable not entertaining  "red" carpet -that wasn't red, pretended to be silver but was dirty-gray- with so many not-really-known or popular actors announced not really surprising winners as lost-of-interest came from the moment the guild announced the nominations.  Sigh.

By now we know that SAG nominees were quite different to Oscar nominees, so I'm hoping SAG winners do not reflect much what Oscar winners could be.  As a matter of fact some industry pundits are already talking about Oscar winners and indeed they seem to pretend SAG awards didn't happened this year. Sigh.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

91st Academy Awards Nominations

 v-Yesterday the much awaited Oscars Nominations were announced.  Much awaited because there are some great movies this year but most of all, because history could be made in this edtion.

So, for starters, the nominations brought quite a few first timers, record tying and some surprises (not many).  What has become truth is the awards will be much more interesting as is one with strong international flavor with many non-American films and/or individuals nominated, which happens not often but it has happened in the past.

There are two films with the most nominations, ten (10), and what makes it particularly relevant is that both are NOT 100% USA productions, one has no American stars, the other only 1 American star, and NONE is in American-English as Roma is in Spanish and Mixteca plus The Favourite is in British English.  Most interesting their directors are not Americans as Alfonso Cuarón was born In Mexico and Yorgos Lanthimos in Greece; then, Lanthimos is developing his career in London while Cuarón even if he started his career in Mexico was in USA were he became international but seems it end up living/working mainly in London too.  This little story is told to show one relevant example of how international the Oscars are this year.

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