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Monday, May 18, 2009

Running On Empty Dreams

Not exactly what I was hoping for as looks and feels like a B-movie that is more suited to be shown on TV in the Lifetime channel. But I have to admit that for a few scenes the movie has some of the most realistic moments I have seen in any length films and since is inspired on true events, I deduced that the writer/director/producer Nitara Lee Osbourne really knows about what she wrote/filmed and I believe that many will highly relate to those scenes when the main female characters share their intimate conversations.

Unfortunately the movie is uneven as feels like a series of slices of the two (or three) main characters lives that perhaps because not so good editing, the film gives the impression that the filmmaker wanted to tell so much about the main characters –especially the husband and wife- that got lost rushing things, trying to cover every “important” detail and trying to tell the story from the two main characters point-of-view, in my opinion she should have stayed with only one pov for better storytelling. I’m mentioning the above because I believe that is a true shame, as the story could have been very interesting; especially when has many cinematic moments and most important, not many films dare to tell with a realistic style what happens to many married women that “discover” and “release” their love for other women.

The films tells about Sydney Harris that after recently moved to a new town discovers that she has cancer, an illness/cure that her husband cannot afford as they have no insurance. Corey, the husband, promised not to travel much but with the illness accepts a promotion to get more money and he has to travel more often. One day Sydney meets Jane thanks to their kids playing together. From that moment on Sydney totally falls for Jane, that promos mention as a single mother; but as far as I understood her husband is in prison. So, is the story of two married women that fall in love and the struggle of one, Sydney, to live an honest life loyal to her own self, her beliefs, her dreams, and her responsibilities.

The rest of the story you have to watch it, but one last thing I have to mention. The end is really terrible, not to say unrealistic and you’ll notice it more because the realistic style that predominates in most of the film. I do not want to spoil the movie for you so in the comments section I’m posting the reason why I believe the end became so unrealistic.

The movie as a movie has average production values, but editing and the music score are really on the not good side. Female actors performances are acceptable but the male lead performance is below average. Then this is not a movie to watch for tech specs but for the story.

I cannot say that I liked the movie. I can say that I liked the story; but to be honest, I used my imagination that allowed me to see what it is not shown and to see more fluid story continuity; this way the story totally improves. Still, I know that many of you will have to see the movie and some will definitively relate to story and/or the great intimate moments Sydney and Jane share.


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