Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mentiras y Gordas (Sex, Parties and Lies)

This film almost skipped my radar, as the title really does not call my attention. But I saw a clip from the film and decided to give it a try. If you have been watching Spain’s TV series Los Hombres de Paco (not only the Pepa and Silvia clips) then you will be familiar with two of the actors in this movie, Mario Casas (plays Aitor in LHDP) and Hugo Silva (plays Lucas in LHDP), which only means that that at least you will be familiar with two of the mostly unknown (to me) young actors in this film.

The film looks and feels like a young adults melodrama and tells about one summer in the lives of several characters that spend their time having sex, consuming drugs and dancing like crazy techno music. You have Toni (Mario Casas), that’s gay and in love with his best friend, Nico, since high school; Marina (Ana Maria Polvorosa) that’s “discovering” she’s lesbian and falls in love with model Leo (Duna Jove) and other characters like Carlos (Hugo Silva) that is lost in drugs, careless sex, and breaks up with his gf because she got fat. The rest of characters I can’t identify their names, but you have the “fat” girl that’s dumped by Carlos and fired from her job because she’s fat, her best friend that’s in love with Carlos and a girl that’s the drug dealer.

As some viewers say this is a film targeted to young adults or even teens and recommend watching without their parents (lol), as seems that’s a reflection of real decadence that many young adults are living in Spain. I personally tend to believe that what I saw in this film is probably true as honestly is not much different to what I lived many years ago while living in Spain and I was exactly the age portrayed in this film.

Anyway most of the characters have not happy ending stories, except for two, Marina and Leo that manage to start a relationship against all odds and knowing that is not a good idea as Leo is a woman pretending to be 22 when she’s 29, her real name is not Leo and many other lies. In brief, Leo is damaged goods while Marina looks innocent, centered and is just starting to release her attraction to other women; but Marina has also been lying to her parents about her education. I’m really glad that from all the many characters this couple is the only one with a “good” ending as not often lesbians are portrayed positively in an ensemble cast with diverse characters and obviously I strongly recommend this movie to those that enjoy the lesbian interest genre, but be prepared to watch many other forms of sex, constant drug consumption and diverse characters stories.

I tend to believe that for many this movie will seem trashy, especially to not young adults and those that see it mainly for the multiple sex scenes. But there is “something” in the story that I’m sure will appeal to a younger audience that will see a reflection of them no matter the country they live.

Definitively not a cinema masterpiece, but has an interesting lesbian story with nice to look actresses (great positive surprise when Leo removes her too much eye makeup) and well, the story is a reflection of what many young people live at that age.


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