Saturday, January 31, 2009

Liebe und Verlangen (Love and Desire)

This 2003 made for TV German production directed by Judith Kennel is a melodrama that revisit the mother of child falls for teacher story but brings not much new to the theme, except that this time the mother is also the school principal wife and with a hardly believable twist the husband role becomes crucial for the “happy” ending of the story.

Performances are not bad by the two leads, but the girl that spreads the news and sets the drama to become darker has a quite bad performance as she definitively over acts in most scenes. Then honestly the script is not well developed and tends to be on the very bad side. Still leads performances sort of save the movie even when they have to do not so credible dramatic and unnecessary things like the suicide attempt.

Tells about Karen, better known as Puppa that falls for English teacher Jeanne that went to the provincial small town from big city Cologne looking for peace and silence. Since the two meet attraction develops and after a night drinking Puppa awakes in Jeanne’s bed and does not remember a thing. But soon enough she recalls and for a TV movie definitively has some outstanding scenes with them making love. But the plot needed drama, so drama comes from an unexpected source and everything you see or believe is happening is really not and is until the end that you discover what really is happening. But the dramatic melodrama has a happy ending and that’s about what makes the film different from the frequent made for TV lesbian interest movies.

Not a masterpiece, but for entertainment purposes is acceptable; still and because the extraordinary good scenes when Puppa and Jeanne make love I definitively recommend the film.


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