Monday, July 20, 2009

Good News

This post is about really GOOD news … for me. Finally after months planning and selling as much as possible I’m ready to share the news with you all. I’m moving again, this time to another country.

So, for a couple -or more- weeks my posting here will not be as usual, even when for the past two months it hasn’t been as usual because the many little tasks that I had to do. But today the dates for all the house packing has been set and now I’ll have less free time until the date that my house ménage is packed, the movers take it and I take a plane.

One of the things that will travel with my house ménage is my desktop computer, which will be traveling by sea and unless the ship sinks (lol) I will get it in about five to six weeks after shipping. But I’ll try to continue posting as much as possible from my tiny laptop.

One of the few things I’ll be doing aside the moving related tasks is watching movies to relax, so definitively NO serious cinema in the following weeks… lol!

I really thank you all for visiting the blog, your feedback that has allowed me to “meet” some of you and hope to continue having your visits and comments even if my posting becomes irregular for a while in this and the other blogs.

Thank You!!!

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