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75th Festival de Cannes Award Winners

Even before yesterday's Semaine de la Critique award winners announcement there were quite a few award winners announcements; so, today Thursday, May 26 decided to start this post that will be in progress until Saturday when the festival awards ceremony will take place. Unfortunately with the change from Canal+ to FranceTV it's not possible to watch live the ceremony, as happened with the opening ceremony; unless, someone decides to "open" live stream to the whole world of cinephiles that enjoy watching live the winners. Anyway social media will also allow to learn winnes as they are announced, sigh.

This year fest had so many "Movie Stars" that if you close your eyes you could think you're in Toroto fest (lol) and not the usual Cannes that does not promote movies that do not need promotion, but promotes those that need to be known to obtain world audiences.

Hope on Saturday we learn that great movies won deserved awards, sigh.

Update on Sunday, May 29, 2022
The festival is over and my sensation is besides a few highlights, mostly about the "celebrities" and not about the films, went like a cold, refreshing breeze in a Spring hot day as refreshed the desire of Industry that need audiences back to theaters and the reality that audiences have changed perhaps forever. Add industry inability to lead into change and the stubborn efforts to make everything like before and you have a push/pull situation with a very thin line that could break any moment -and it will perhaps sooner than later. Sigh.

If forced to think about critics film reactions have to agree with some senior critics perception of divisive reactions, some love while others hate and no middle ground. Indeed the two ax-aequo prizes by the mostly filmmakers (film directors) industry jury confirms the above as not even them could agree in one film to be honored. Then there are those critics' that questioned the quality of films but wonder how audiences will react as there are a few directors with films that are must-be-seen for hardcore fans, like for example me and Cristian Mungiu (lol).

The festival is over and perhaps the most memorable event in the fest was to watch all the fuzz and buzz Kristen Stewart and Léa Seydoux created in the few days they were in the Croisette, especially one announcement that shook my youth memories: Léa is going to play the iconic Sylvia Kristel role in the remake of Emmanuelle by no other than Biennale Cinema Golden Lion winner Audrey Diwan. The rest was not really relevant for my cinephile necessities and will be relegated into my soon-to-forget memories. Now I'm really looking forward to Venice fest which, as we know, always starts in Cannes and indeed it did with some interesting news.

Really hope next year the mother of all festivals moves to a better full-cinema oriented position and perhaps is a real possibility as there will be a new Festival de Cannes president and (surprise, surprise) is the very first female president in the festival 75 years history, Iris Knobloch will take charge next July 1st.

The Winners

Main Competition

Palme d'Or: Triangle of Sadness, Ruben Östlund, Sweden, UK, France and Greece

Grand Prix: (tie)
Stars at Noon, Claire Denis, France
Close, Lukas Dhont, Belgium, Netherlands and France

Jury Award: (tie)
EO, Jerzy Skolimowski, Italy and Poland
Le Otto Montagne (The Eight Mountains), Charlotte Vandermeersch and Felix Van Groeningen, Italy and Belgium

Best Director: Park Chan-wook for 헤어질 결심 Heeojil Gyeolsim (Decision to Leave), Park Chan-Wook, Korea
Best Screenplay: Walad min al janna (Boy From Heaven), Tarik Saleh, Sweden, Finland and France

75th Aniversary Prize: Tori et Lokita (Tori and Lokita), Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, France and Belgium

Best Actress: Zar Amir Ebrahimi in Holy Spider, Ali Abbasi, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark
Best Actor: Song Kang-ho in 브로커 Broker, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Korea

Camera d'Or: War Pony, Riley Keough and Gina Gammell. USA
Special Mention: Plan 75, Hayakawa Chie, Japan, France and Philippines

Short Film Palme d'Or: Hai bian sheng qi yi zuo xuan ya (The Water Murmurs), Story Chen, China, 14'
Special Mention: Lori (Melancholy of my Mother's Lullabies), Abinash Bikram Shah, Nepal and Hong Kong 14'

Un Certain Regard
Un Certain Regard PrizeLes Pires (The Worst Ones), Lise Akoka and Romane Gueret, France
Jury PrizeJoyland, Saim Sadiq, Pakistan
Best Director Prize: Alexandru Belc for Metronom, Alexandru Belc, France and Romania
Best Performance Prize (tie):
Vicky Krieps in Corsage, Marie Kreutzer, Austria, France, Germany and Luxembourg
Adam Bessa in Harka (Before the Spring), Lotfy Nathan, Tunisia, Luxembourg, Belgium and France
Best Screenplay Prize: Mediterranean Fever, Maha Haj, Germany, France, Cyprus and Palestine
Coup de cœur Prize: Rodéo (Rodeo), Lola Quivoron, France

Quinzaine des Réalisateurs (Directors' Fortnight)
SACD Award: La Montagne (The Mountain), Thomas Salvador, France
Label Europa Cinemas Prize: Un Beau Matin (One Fine Morning), Mia Hansen-Løve, France and Germany

Carrose d'Or: Kelly Reichardt

Semaine de la Critique
Feature Films
Grand Prix: La Jauría (The Pack), Andrés Ramírez Pulido, Colombia and France
Prize of the Jury: Aftersun, Charlotte Wells, UK and USA
SACD Award: Andrés Ramírez Pulido for La Jauría (The Pack), Andrés Ramírez Pulido, Colombia and France
Rising Star Award: Zelda Samson in Dalva (Love According to Dalva), Emmanuelle Nicot, Belgium and France
GAN Foundation Support for Distribution: French distributor of Metsurin tarina (The Woodcutter Story), Mikko Myllylahti, Finland
Short Films
Canal+ Award: Στον Θρονο Του Ξερξη On Xerxe's Throne, Evi Kalogiropoulou, Greece
Leitz Cine Discovery Prize: Ice Merchants, João Gonzalez, Portugal, UK and France
Next Step Award: The Visitor, Vytautas Katkus, Lithania

La Cinef
First Prize: Il Barbiere Complottista (A Conspiracy Man), Valerio Ferrara, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italia, 19'
Second Prize: Di Er (Somewhere), Li Jiahe, Hebei University of Science and Technology School of Film and Television, China, 23'
Third Prize (tie):
Glorious Revolution, Masha Novikova, London Film School, UK, 20"
Les humains sont cons quand ils s'empilent (Humans are Dumber When Crammed Up Together), Laurène Fernandez, La Fémis, France, 4'

Prix ArteKino International: Cotton Queen, Suzannah Mirghani, Sudan

Marché du Film

Docs-in-Progress Awards
IEFTA Award: Twice Colonized, Lin Allua, Greenland, Denmark and Canada
Think-Film Impact Award: Yintah, Michael Toledano, Jennifer Wickam, and Franklin Lopez, Canada
DAE - Documentary Association of Europe Award: Прислухаючись до світу Listening to the World, Yelizaveta Smith, Ukraine
Alphapanda Award: Malqueridas, Tana Gilbert, Chile and Germany
Al Jazeera Documentary Award: Bye Bye Tiberias, Lina Soualem, France, Belgium, Palestine and Qatar

VeeR Future Awards
Best VR Story: The Soloist VR, Jonathan Griffith, UK
Best VR Interactive Experience: Glimpse, Bejamin Cleary and Michael O'Connor, UK, France and Ireland

Collateral Awards

Main Competition: برادران لیلا Baradarane Leila (Leila's Brothers), Saeed Roustaee, Iran
Un Certain Regard: Le Bleu du Caftan (The Blue Caftan), Maryam Touzani, Morocco, Belgium and France
Critics' Week : Dalva (Love According to Dalva), Emmanuelle Nicot, Belgium and France

Ecumenical Jury Award:  브로커 Broker, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Korea

AFCAE Art House Cinema AwardTriangle of Sadness, Ruben Östlund, Sweden, UK, France and Greece
Special Mention: EO, Jerzy Skolimowski, Italy and Poland

L'Œil d'Or Documentary Award: All That Breathes, Shaunak Sen, UK and India
Special Jury Award: Mariupol 2, Mantas Kvedaravicius, Lithuania

Queer Palm
Feature Film: Joyland, Saim Sadiq, Pakistan
Short FilmDang Wo Wang Xiang Ni De Shi Hou (Will You Look At Me), Shuli Huang, China (documentary)

26th Prix François Chalais: Walad min al janna (Boy From Heaven), Tarik Saleh, Sweden, Finland and France

Prix de la Citoyenneté:  برادران لیلا Baradarane Leila (Leila's Brothers), Saeed Roustaee, Iran
Prix du Cinéma positifTori et Lokita (Tori and Lokita), Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, France and Belgium

Prix CST de l’Artiste-Technicien: Sound ensemble of Triangle of Sadness, Ruben Östlund, Sweden, UK, France and Greece
Prix CST de la Jeune Technicienne de Cinéma: Marion Burger head set designer for Un petit frère (Mother and Son), Léonor Serraille, France

Cannes Soundtrack Award: Composer Pawel Mykietyn for the music in EO, Jerzy Skolimowski, Italy and Poland

Prix de la Meillure Creation Sonore: Corsage, Marie Kreutzer, Austria, France, Germany and Luxembourg

EcoProd Awards
Prix EcoProd: La Cour des miracles, Carine May and Hakim Zouhani, France
Prix du Jury EcoProd: حت الشجرة Tath Alshajra (Under the Fig Trees), Erige Sehiri, Tunisia, Switzerland, France and Qatar

20th Prix UniFrance Short Films
Grand Prix: Enterrement de vie de jeune fille (Bachelorette Party), Lola Cambourieu and Yann Berlier, France, 30'
Special Jury Prize: L'Attente (Expecting), Alice Douard, France, 29'
Special Mentions
Écorchée (Skinned), Joachim Hérissé, France (animation), 14'
Petit Cogneur (Little Smasher), Gilles Cuvelier , France, (animation), 13'
Prix Grand Action: Freedom Swimmer, Olivia Martin-McGuire, France and Australia (documentary, animation), 15'
Best Actress: Laurence Côte in Le Point de reprise (Breakpoint), Nicolas Panay, France, 17'
Best Actor: Idir Azougli in Sami la fugue (All the Pretty Little Horses), Vincent Tricon, France, 25'

Prix Be TV (Belgium): L'Attente (Expecting), Alice Douard, France, 29'
Prix Movistar+ (Spain): Seniors 3000, Julien David,  France, (animation), 16'
Prix RTBF (Belgium): Le Point de reprise (Breakpoint), Nicolas Panay, France, 17'

Lights on Women Award: Mai Vu for Spring Roll Dream, UK, 9'

10th Pierre Angénieux
Pierre Angénieux Tribute: Darius Khondji, France and Iran
Angénieux Special Encouragement: Evelin Van Rei, Netherlands and England

Prix Cinéma France Culture
Prix France Culture Cinéma Consécration : Sergeï Loznitsa
Prix France Culture Cinéma des étudiants : Audrey Diwan
Coup de cœur des jeunes ACID-France Culture : Abdallah Al-Khatib

Palm Dog Awards
Palm Dog: Brit playing Beast in War Pony, Riley Keough and Gina Gammell. USA
Grand Prix du Jury: (tie)
Marcel in Marcel!, Jasmine Trinca, Italy and France
Sheepdog in Vanskabte Land (Godland), Hlynur Pálmason, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and France DogManitarian Award: Patron, the Ukranian Jack Russell mine sniffer, for service during war

Women in Motion Award: Viola Davis
Women in Motion Young Talents Award: Ninja Thyberg

Chopard Trophy for up-and-coming talent
Sheila Atim
Jack Lowden

Honorary Palm d'Or
Forest Whitaker
Tom Cruise

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