Wednesday, December 22, 2021

#Oscars2022 International Feature Film Shortlist

Yesterday, December 21, 2021 the Academy released the infamous shortlists for several Oscars categories and IF you wish to check the other than International Film Feature Film category go official site here.

The shortlist of 15 international feature films from same number of countries has advanced the most expected films with nomination as well as others that have to watch to really understand the reason why are on the shortlist as belong to non-traditional great cinema history or trayectory.

From the critics' awards we find a possible problem as there are two major contenders for this award that are also winning critics accolades in other categories; I'm refering to submissions from Denmark and Japan. Perhaps the most fragmented is Flee, Denmark's entry, as critics have given awards in International Feature Film category, Feature Documentary category and even Animated Feature Film category. I'm affraid that IF Flee gets a nomination in two or more categories Academy members vote could be fragmented and chances of winning in any category will dissapear.

Same happens with Drive My Car, Japan's entry, which is getting critics' honors as Best International Feature Film and also in Best Feature Film. IF film gets similar reactions from Academy members and gets a nomination in both categories, votes will be split among them whilst loosing chances to win something. But perhaps AMPAS voting members will only give film an International Feature Film nomination and then, film chances to win this category are high even when there will be for sure competition from A Hero, The Worst Person in the World, Compartment No. 6, and The Hand of God (yes, those are my five favorite to get a nomination but will not get upset if Lamb gets a nod instead of any of those).

The major surprise I was hoping for did not happen, lol. Knew Titane was too-much for older male Academy members who tend to have very-conservative preferences; but still, was hoping new more younger members could finally start to honor the less-traditional films. Guess Academy's members body still needs more diversity for any change to become visible.

These are the fifteen (15) films in the shortlist.

Austria: Große Freiheit (Great Freedom), Sebastian Meise #Cannes2021 #UnCertainRegard Jury Prize Award winner

Belgium: Un monde (Playground), Laura Wandel #Cannes2021 #UnCertainRegard FIPRESCI award winner

Bhutan: লুনানা Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom, Pawo Choyning Dorji

Denmark: Flugt (Flee), Jonas Poher Rasmussen (animated documentary)  #Sundance2021 World Cinema - Documentary Grand Jury Prize winner

Findland: Hytti Nro 6 (Compartment Number 6), Juho Kuosmanen #Cannes2021 Grand Prix winner

Germany: Ich bin dein mensch (I'm Your Man), Maria Schrader #Berlinale2021 Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance

Iceland: Dýrið (Lamb), Valdimar Jóhannsson #Cannes2021 #UnCertainRegard Prize of Originality winner and Palm Dog Award winner

Iran: هرمان, Ghahreman (A Hero), Asghar Farhadi #Cannes2021 Grand Prix, Prix François Chalais and Prix de la Citoyenneté winner

Italy: È stata la mano di Dio (The Hand of God), Paolo Sorrentino #BiennaleCinema2021 #Venezia78 Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize winner plus Best New Young Actor award, SIGNIS Special Mention, ArcaCinema Gionvani Award Best Italian Film, Francesco Pasinetti Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Film, Nuovo Imaie Talent Award Best Newcomer, and UNIMED Award

Japan: ドライブ・マイ・カー Doraibu mai kâ (Drive My Car), Ryûsuke Hamaguchi #Cannes2021 Best Screenplay, FIPRESCI, Ecumenical, and AFCAE Art House Cinema awards winner

Kosovo: Zgjoi (Hive), Blerta Basholli #Sundance2021 World Cinema: Audience Award, Director Award and Grand Jury Prize winner

Mexico: Noche de Fuego (Prayers for the Stolen), Tatiana Huezo #Cannes2021 #UnCertainRegard Special Mention

Norway: Verdens verste menneske (The Worst Person in the World), Joachim Trier #Cannes2021 Best Actress winner

Panama: Plaza Cathedral, Abner Benaim

Spain: El Buen Patrón (The Good Boss), Fernando León de Aranoa #SSIFF2021 Competition

As you all notice, it is NOT a bad list as most films are award winners and yes, 7 out of 15 come from 2021 Cannes Film festival. Obviously miss the Palme d'Or but Cannes film festival has undoubtedly a strong presence in list and yes, from my perspective, has strong possibilities to get nominations.

Once again and with much Oscars buzz to win top Oscar, Netflix has become sort of a powerhouse and this category also shows how the streamer allows the world to watch films otherwise probably will not come to a cinema near them, especially now in the pandemia era. There are several films Netflix is showing but, unfortunatedly, some are not available to watch worldwide as they're only in certain regions. Netflix should adquire products for all regions in the world so finally obsolete film industry regionality collapses to dissapear completely (remember region 1, region 2, etc plus the windows delays?).

Nominations for the 94th Academy Awards will be announced on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 and awards ceremony will be on March 27, 2022. So, after the end-of-the-year holidays there is a whole month waiting to find which film gets a nominations. Good news is that during that month film industry guilds and societies will announce their winners to get a better glimpse at what Academy members could favor with their vote.

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