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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

15th Queer Lion Award Lineup

As the official announcement reads: "The line-up of the tiles competing for the Queer Lion Award is possible thanks to the direct and precious collaboration of the different selection committees of the Venice International Film Festival. All films with a duration of 30 minutes or more, with relevant LGBT themes and characters, are eligible for the Queer Lion Award competition." Therefore the Biennale Cinema of Venice officially recognizes Queer Lion as collateral award of the Venice International Film Festival, and actively cooperates every year, granting the organization of the award direct access to the structures and facilities of the Festival, as well as inserting the prize in its official list of collateral awards.

For the 2021 line-up, special thanks go to Alberto Barbera, Angela Savoldi, Paolo Bertolin (for all the sections of the official program, and in particular Venezia 78, Fuori Concorso, Orizzonti, Biennale College); Michel Reilhac, Federico Anselmi, Liz Rosenthal, Mariachiara Manci (Venice VR Expanded); Gaia Furrer, Renata Santoro, Luca Di Leonardo, Francesco Bonerba (Giornate degli Autori); Beatrice Fiorentino (International Critics’ Week).

So, the compiled list up-to-this moment is a work with members of all different selection committees and can be updated to include new films up to the day of the deliberation of the jury.  Up to August 24th there are 10 films in competition for the award.

These are the films competing for the 2021 Queer Lion Award

In Competition

Venezia 78
Competencia Oficial (Official Competition), Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn, Spain and Argentina
Madres Paralelas (Parallel Mothers), Pedro Almodóvar, Spain
The Power of the Dog, Jane Campion, New Zealand and Australia

Out of Competition
Il Bambino Nacosto, Roberto Andò, Italy and France

El Hoyo en la Cerca (The Hole In The Fence), Joaquín del Paso, Mexico and Poland
Il Paradiso del Pavone, Laura Bispuri, Italy and Germany

Giornate degli Autori
Deserto Particular, Aly Muritiba, Brazil and Portugal
Il Silenzio Grande (The Great Silence), Alessandro Gassmann, Italy and Poland

Settimana Internationale della Critica
La Dernière Séance (The Last Chapter), Gianluca Matarrese, Italy and France (documentary)

Biennale College Cinema

La Santa Piccola (The Miracle Child), Silvia Brunelli, Italy

Out of Competition

Out of Competition
Ariaferma, Leonardo Di Constanzo, Italy and Switzerland
La Scuola Cattolica, Stefano Mordini, Italy

Bodeng sar (White Building), Kavich Neang, Cambodia, France, China and Qatar
Techno, mama, Saulius Baradinskas, Lithuania, 18'

Giornate degli Autori
Caveman - Il gigante nascosto, Tomaso Landucci, Italy and Switzerland (documentary)
Isolation, Michele Placido, Julia von Heinz, Olivier Guerpillon, Jaco Van Dormael, and Michael Winterbottom, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium and UK (anthology and documentary)

Settimana Internazionale della Critica

Era Ieri (It Was Yesterday), Valentina Pedici, Italy, 14'

Venice VR Expanded

In The Mist, Tung-yen Chou, Tapei, 15'

To check the lineup and synopsis for each film go to official site here.
To check info and available trailers go @MOC

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