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69th Berlinale Complete Lineup Final

Post is ready with all sections verified and yes, have read about each of below films. Festival has about 400 films and below list has most of them.  Sections listed with films have ALL films (features and shorts, if applicable) and Forum has some additional older films that interested me.

There are many films that I'm looking forward to watch, which have exponentially increased my viewing queue, sigh.  No doubt this year Berlinale Competition is very interesting with films of well-known directors -which is always welcomed as believe newcomers should debut in fests other than-competitition sections, unless their film is outstanding...

In about a week the fest will began and yes, I'm starting to feel sad as will miss Kosslick and his pleasant larger than life casual personality.  But will try to enjoy him for one last time during the festival.  Wonder if he leaves, will fun-to-watch (in a very dark way) Anke Engelke leave too?  The chemistry these two had was like oil and water but was the funniest I have seen in any festival and elsewhere; remember that I like very-dark dry humor (lol).

So, unless something unexpected happens the post has become final as of this moment.

Press conference was today, films info is up at official site (no wait this time), so will be working on post until becomes final, probably tomorrow. Enjoy!!

Post will be In Progress first, until January 29, 2019 when the entire public program will be publish online a few minutes after the press conference is over; and second, until festival uploads all movie info, trailers, etc to the official site, which usually happens about a week after the press conference.  For the record the festival runs from February 7 to 17, 2019.

Today will start the always VERY LONG annual post with (almost) ALL movies in the current edition of the Berlin International Film Festival, better known as Berlinale.  The best news from today, January 10, is learning Dieter Kosslick is still mentioned as Festival Director in an official press release! Yes, seems this will be his last festival as his contract expires May 31, 2019, so we have one last edition to enjoy a great personality with exactly my kind of humor, darkish.  Next year seems will be the turn to Italian-born Carlo Chatrian, who has been the artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival since 2013. I'm going to miss Kosslick and hope Chatrian improves his image as didn't precisely enjoyed him with whatever he was doing in Locarno.

Post will be updated constantly as soon as there is new information available.


Opening Film: The Kindness of Strangers, Lone Scherfig, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, Germany and Fance
Der Boden unter den Füßen (The Ground beneath My Feet), Marie Kreutzer, Austria
Der Goldene Handschuh (The Golden Glove), Fatih Akin, Germany and France
地久天长 Di jiu tian chang (So Long, My Song), Wang Xiaoshuai, China
Elisa y Marcela (Elisa & Marcela), Isabel Coixet, Spain
Grâce à Dieu (By the Grace of God), François Ozon, France
Господ постои, името и е Петрунија Gospod postoi, imeto i' e Petrunija (God Exists, Her Name is Petrunija), Teona Stugar Mitevska, Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia and France
Ich war zuhause, aber (I Was at Home, but), Angela Schanelec, Germany and Serbia
Kız Kardeşler (A Tale of Three Sisters), Emin Alper, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and Greece
La Paranza dei bambini (Piranhas), Claudio Giovannesi, Italy
Mr. Jones, Agnieszka Holland, Poland, UK and Ukraine
恐龙蛋 Öndög, Wang Quan'an, Mongolia
Répertoire des villes disparues (Ghost Town Anthology), Denis Côté, Canada
Synonymes (Synonyms), Nadav Lapid, France, Israel and Germany
(*) Systemsprenger (System Crasher), Nora Fingscheidt, Germany
Ut og stjæle hester (Out Stealing Horses), Hans Petter Moland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark
一秒鐘 Yi miao zhong (One Second), Zhang Yimou, China

Out of Competition
Amazing Grace, Alan Elliott, USA (documentary)
L'adieu à la nuit (Farewell to the Night), André Téchiné, France
Marighella, Wagner Moura, Brazil
The Operative, Yuval Adler, Germany, Israel, France and USA
Varda par Agnès (Varda by Agnès), Agnès Varda, France (documentary)
Vice, Adam McKay, USA

Check info and available trailers at @MOC
Check posters for all films in all sections at Storyteller Pinterest

International Jury
President: Juliette Binoche, actress, France
Justin Chang, film critic, USA
Sandra Hüller, actress, Germany
Sebastián Lelio, director, Chile
Rajendra Roy, MOMA's Chief Curator, USA
Trudie Styler, actress, director and producer, UK

Berlinale Special

Berlinale Special
Anthropocene: the Human Epoch, Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky Canada (documentary)
Brecht, Heinrich Breloer, Germany and Austria
El Norte (The North), Gregory Nava, USA, 1984 - restored in 2017
Es hätte schlimmer kommen können - Mario Adorf (It Could Have Been Worse - Mario Adorf), Dominik Wessely, Germany (documentary)
Peter Lindbergh - Women Stories, Jean Michel Vecchiet, Germany (documentary)
Watergate - Or: How We Learned to Stop an Out of Control President, Charles Ferguson, USA (documentary)

Berlinale Special Gala
Celle que vous croyez (Who You Think I Am), Safy Nebbou, France
Gully Boy, Zoya Akhtar, India
Lampenfieber (Kids in the Spotlight), Alice Agneskirchner, Germany (documentary)
Photograph, Ritesh Batra, India, Germany and USA
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, Chiwetel Ejiofor, UK (first feature film)
Weil du nur einmal lebst - Die Toten Hosen auf Tour (You Only Live Once - Die Toten Hosen on Tour), Cordula Kablitz-Post, Germany (documentary)

Check Berlinale Special and Special Gala films info and available trailers @MOC


(*) 37 Seconds, Hikari, Japan
(*) A Dog Barking at the Moon, Xiang Zi, China and Spain
All My Loving, Eduard Berger, Germany
Dafne, Federico Bondi, Italy
Der Atem (The Breath), Uli M. Schueppel, Germany
Breve Historia del Planeta Verde ( Brief Story from the Green Planet), Santiago Loza, Argentina, Germany, Brazil and Spain
(*) Buoyancy, Rodd Rathjen, Australia
Dafne, Federico Bondi, Italy
Divino Amor (Divine Love), Gabriel Mascaro, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Denmark, Norway and Sweden
Eynayim Sheli (Chained), Yaron Shani, Israel and Germany
Flatland, Jenna Bass, South Africa, Germany and Luxembourg
(*) Flesh Out, Michela Occhipinti, Italy
(*) Greta, Armando Praça, Brazil
Hellhole, Bas Devos, Belgium and Netherlands
Jessica Forever, Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, France
Kislota (Acid), Alexander Gorchilin, Russia
La Fiera y la Fiesta (Holy Beasts), Laura Amelia Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas, Dominican Republic, Argentina and Mexico
Light of My Life, Casey Affleck, USA (debut film)
Los Miembros de la Familia (Family Members), Mateo Bendesky, Argentina
Mid90s, Jonah Hill, USA (debut film)
Monos, Alejandro Landes, Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay and USA
O Beautiful Night, Xaver Böhm, Germany
Šavovi (Stitches), Miroslav Terzić, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina
Skin, Guy Nattiv, USA
Staff Only, Neus Ballús, Spain and France
Temblores (Tremors), Jayro Bustamante, Guatemala, France and Luxembourg
(*) The Day After I'm Gone, Nimrod Eldar, Israel
风中有朵雨做的云 The Shadow Play (aka Cloud In The Wind), Lou Ye, China
The Souvenir, Joanna Hogg, UK
To thávma tis thálassas ton Sargassón (The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea), Syllas Tzoumerkas, Greece, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden
우상 Woo Sang (Idol), Lee Su-jin, South Korea

Panorama Dokumente
A Dog Called Money, Seamus Murphy, Ireland and UK (documentary)
Estou Me Guardando Para Quando Carnaval Chegar (Waiting for the Carnival), Marcelo Gomes, Brazil (documentary)
La Arrancada (On the Starting Line), Aldemar Matias, France, Cuba and Brazil (documentary)
Lemebel, Joanna Reposi Garibaldi, Chile and Colombia (documentary)
Midnight Traveler, Hassan Fazili and Emelie Mahdavian, USA, UK, Qatar and Canada (documentary)
Normal, Adele Tulli, Italy and Sweden (documentary)
Schönheit & Vergänglichkeit (Beauty and Decay), Annekatrin Hendel, Germany (documentary)
Searching Eva, Pia Hellenthal, Germany (documentary)
Selfie, Agostino Ferrente, France and Italy (documentary)
Serendipity, Prune Nourry, USA (documentary)
Shooting the Mafia, Kim Longinotto, Ireland and USA (documentary)
Système K (System K), Renaud Barret, France (documentary)
Talking About Trees, Suhaib Gasmelbari, France, Sudan, Germany, Chad and Qatar (documentary)
Western Arabs, Omar Shargawi, Denmark and Netherlands
What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael, Rob Garver, USA

Panorama 40
2019 marks the 40th edition of the Panorama section, on the occasion a special program from its 40-year history.  To check the feature and short films go here, where there is a great article to read

A portuguesa (The Portuguese Woman), Rita Azevedo Gomes, Portugal
A rosa azul de Novalis (The Blue Flower of Novalis), Gustavo Vinagre and Rodrigo Carneiro, Brazil African Mirror, Mischa Hedinger, Switzerland
Aidiyet (Belonging), Burak Çevik, Turkey, Canada and France
Baba, Juwansher Haidary, Afghanistan, 1989
Bait, Mark Jenkin, United Kingdom
Breathless Animals, Lei Lei, USA
Chão (Landless), Camila Freitas, Brazil
Chun nuan hua kai (From Tomorrow on, I Will), Ivan Marković and Wu Linfeng, Germany, China and Serbia
Delphine et Carole, insoumuses (Delphine and Carole), Callisto Mc Nulty, France and Switzerland
Demons, Daniel Hui, Singapore
De quelques événements sans signification (About Some Meaningless Events), Mostafa Derkaoui, Morocco, 1974
Die Kinder der Toten, Kelly Copper, Pavol Liska, Austria
(*) El despertar de las hormigas (Hormigas), Antonella Sudasassi Furniss, Costa Rica and Spain
Egaro Mile (Eleven Miles), Ruchir Joshi, India, 1991
Erde (Earth), Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria
Fern von uns (Far from Us), Verena Kuri and Laura Bierbrauer, Argentina
Fortschritt im Tal der Ahnungslosen (Progress in the Valley of the People Who Don’t Know), Florian Kunert, Germany
Fourteen, Dan Sallitt, USA
Fukuoka, Zhang Lu, Korea
(*) Gli ultimi a vederli vivere (The Last to See Them), Sara Summa, Germany
Hamas-e eshq (Epic of Love), Latif Ahmadi, Afghanistan, 1984
Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit (Heimat Is A Space in Time), Thomas Heise, Germany andAustria
Kameni govornici (The Stone Speakers), Igor Drljača,  Bosnia Herzegovina and Canada
Khan-e tarikh (The House of History), Qader Tahiri, Afghanistan, 1996
Kimi no tori wa utaeru (And Your Bird Can Sing), Sho Miyake, Japan
Lapü, César Alejandro Jaimes and Juan Pablo Polanco, Colombia
Malchik russkiy (A Russian Youth), Alexander Zolotukhin, Russia
Man you (Vanishing Days), Zhu Xin,  China
(*) Monștri. (Monsters.), Marius Olteanu, Romania
Mother, I Am Suffocating. This Is My Last Film About You.,  Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, Lesotho
MS Slavic 7, Sofia Bohdanowicz and Deragh Campbell, Canada
Nasht (Leakage), Suzan Iravanian, Iran and Czech Republic
Ne croyez surtout pas que je hurle (Just Don't Think I'll Scream), Frank Beauvais, France
Nos défaites (Our Defeats), Jean-Gabriel Périot, France
Nuestra Voz de Tierra, Memoria y Futuro (Our Voice of Earth, Memory and Future), Marta Rodriguez and Jorge Silva, Colombia, 1981
Olanda, Bernd Schoch, Germany
Oufsaiyed Elkhortoum (Khartoum Offside), Marwa Zein, Sudan, Norway and Denmark
Querência (Homing), Helvécio Marins Jr., Brazil and Germany
Retrospekt, Esther Rots, Netherlands and Belgium
Sátántangó (Satantango), Béla Tarr, Hungary, Switzerland and Germany, 1994
(*) Serpentário (Serpentarius), Carlos Conceição, Angola and Portugal
(*) So Pretty, Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli, USA and France
Sois belle et tais-toi! (Be Pretty and Shut Up!), Delphine Seyrig, France, 1976
The Garden, Derek Jarman, UK 1990
The Plagiarists, Peter Parlow, USA
The Second Journey [To Uluru], Arthur Cantrill and Corinne Cantrill, Australia, 1981
Une rose ouverte / Warda (An Open Rose), Ghassan Salhab, Lebanon
Variety, Bette Gordon, USA, Germany and UK, 1983
Weitermachen Sanssouci (Music and Apocalypse), Max Linz, Germany
What We Left Unfinished, Mariam Ghani, USA and Afghanistan
Years of Construction, Heinz Emigholz, Germany

Forum Expanded
To check films, shorts and events go here; additional info at official site here.


Generation Kplus
Feature Films
Opening Film(*) Cleo, Erik Schmitt, Germany
Ambessa, Mo Scarpelli, USA and Italy (documentary)
Baracoa, Pablo Briones and The Moving Picture Boys, Switzerland, USA and Spain (documentary)
Daniel fait face (Daniel), Marine Atlan, France
Di yi ci de li bie (A First Farewell), Wang Lina, China
Driveways, Andrew Ahn, USA
Kinder, Nina Wesemann, Germany (documentary)
Kok-du yi-ya-ki (Kokdu: A Story of Guardian Angels), Kim Tae Yong, Korea
Lotte ja kadunud lohed (Lotte and the Lost Dragons), Janno Põldma and Heiki Ernits, Estonia and Latvia
Månelyst i Flåklypa (Louis & Luca - Mission to the Moon), Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Norway
(*) Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess (My Extraordinary Summer with Tess), Steven Wouterlood, Netherlands and Germany (debut film)
Sune vs Sune, Jon Holmberg, Sweden and Denmark
Une Colonie (A Colony), Geneviève Dulude-De Celles, Canada
Where We Belong, Jacqueline Zünd, Switzerland (documentary)

Out of Competition
2040, Damon Gameau, Australia (documentary)

Short Films
Ani, Josephine Stewart-Te Whiu, New Zealand, 13'
Armed Lullaby, Yana Ugrekhelidze, Germany, 9'
City Plaza Hotel, Anna Paula Hönig and Violeta Paus, France, Germany and Chile (documentary), 14'
Dian jiao jian (Tiptoe), I-Ju Lin, Taiwan, 17'
El tamaño de las cosas (The Size of Things), Carlos Felipe Montoya, Colombia, 12'
Juste moi et toi (Just Me and You), Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers, Canada, 22'
Le dernier jour d'automne (The Last Day of Autumn), Marjolaine Perreten, Switzerland, Belgium and France, 8'
Magralen, Maryam Zarei, Iran and Canada, 18'
Nest, Sonja Rohleder, Germany, 4'
Oh Corbeau! Oh Corbeau! (Oh Crow! Oh Crow!), Pierre Garcia-Renne, Canada, 9'
Pappa (Dad), Atle S. Blakseth, Einar Dunsæd, Norway, 8'
#pestverhaal (#bullyingstory), Eef Hilgers, Netherlands (documentary), 16'
Pouštět draka (The Kite), Martin Smatana, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, 13'
She-Pack, Fanny Ovesen, Norway, 18'

Out of Competition
Los ausentes (The Absents), José Lomas Hervert, Mexico, 17'
Zibilla, Isabelle Favez, Switzerland and Belgium, 26'

Generation Kplus International Jury
Kamila Andini, director, Indonesia
Tilda Cobham-Hervey, actor, Australia
Jerzy Moszkowicz, director, Poland

Generation 14plus
Feature Films
Opening FilmWe Are Little Zombies, Makoto Nagahisa, Japan
Beol-sae (House of Hummingbird), Bora Kim, Korea
Bulbul Can Sing, Rima Das, India
By the Name of Tania, Bénédicte Liénard, Mary Jiménez, Belgium and Netherlands (documentary
Espero tua (re)volta (Your Turn), Eliza Capai, Brazil (documentary)
Goldie, Sam de Jong, USA
Guo chun tian (The Crossing), Bai Xue, China
Hölmö nuori sydän (Stupid Young Heart), Selma Vilhunen, Finland, Netherlands and Sweden
Knives and Skin, Jennifer Reeder, USA
Ringside, André Hörmann, Germany and USA
Shao nian de ni (Better Days), Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang, Hong Kong and China
The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Kathleen Hepburn, Canada and Norway
The Magic Life of V, Tonislav Hristov, Finland, Denmark and Bulgaria (documentary)
The Red Phallus, Tashi Gyeltshen, Bhutan, Germany and Nepal

Out of Competition
Rekonstruktion Utøya (Reconstructing Utøya), Carl Javér, Sweden, Norway and Denmark (documentary)

Short Films
Cocodrilo (Crocodile), Jorge Yúdice, Spain, 5'
Four Quartets, Marco Alessi, UK, 11'
Hush, Armağan Ballantyne, New Zealand, 15'
Kids, Michael Frei, Switzerland and France, 9'
Leaking Life, Shunsaku Hayashi, Japan, 15'
Les petites vagues (Little Waves), Ariane Louis-Seize, Canada, 12'
Liberty, Faren Humes, USA, 17'
Los rugidos que alejan la tormenta (The Roar That Keeps the Storm Away), Santiago Reale, Argentina (documentary), 15'
Mientras las olas (Meanwhile the Waves), Delfina Gavaldá and Carmen Rivoira, Argentina, 17'
Mosul 980, Ali Mohammed Saeed, USA, 10'
Paula sans lui (About Love), Maéva Berol, France, 22'
Soeurs Jarariju (The Sisters Jarariju), Jorge Cadena, Switzerland, 20'
Story, Jola Bańkowska, Poland, 5'
Tattoo, Farhad Delaram, Iran, 15'
Tigre, Delphine Deloget, France, 21'
Yulia & Juliet, Zara Dwinger, Netherlands, 12'

Generation 14plus International Jury
Nanouk Leopold, director, Denmark
Pascal Plante, filmmaker, Canada
Maria Solrun, director and screenwriter, Iceland

Perspektive Deutsches Kino

Berlin Bouncer, David Dieti (documentary)
Born in Evin, Maryam Zaree (documentary)
Das innere Leuchten (The Inner Light), Stefan Sick (documentary)
(*) Die Einzelteile der Liebe (The Components of Love), Miriam Bliese
Die Grube (The Pit), Hristiana Raykova (documentary)
Dreissig (Thirty), Simona Kostova
Dust, Udita Bhargava
easy love, Tamer Jandali
Fisch lernt fliegen (Fish Takes Off), Deniz Cooper
Heute oder morgen (Before We Grow Old), Thomas Moritz Helm
Off Season, Henning Beckhoff (medium-long feature film)
(*) Oray, Mehmet Akif Büyükatalay

Guest of the Perspektive
6Minuten66 (6Minutes66), Katja Feldmeier and Julius Feldmeier (documentary)
Das melancholische Mädchen (Aren't You Happy), Susanne Heinrich - Winner of the Max Ophüls Preis 2019
Tackling Life, Johannes List (documentary) - Winner First Steps Award 2018 (Documentary) at Perspektive Deutsches Kino 2019

First Feature Competition
The Berlinale has been even more committed to supporting the next generation of film makers since 2006, when it introduced the GWFF Best First Feature Award.  There are sixteen (16) febut feature films from the sections Competition (1), Panorama (6), Forum (5), Generation (2) and Perspektive Deutsches Kino (2) competing for the award.  To check films in competition and general info go here.

(*) First Feature competing for award

First Feature Award Jury
Katja Eichinger, author and journalist, Germany
Alain Gomis, director, France and Senegal
Vivian Qu, director, screenwriter and producer, China

Documentary Competition
There are 17 documentaries competing for the Glashütte Original – Documentary Award; five (5) come from Panorama, four (4) from Forum, five (5) from Generation, two (2) from Perspektive Deutsches Kino and one (1) from Culinary Cinema. To check films and info go here.

Documentary Award Jury
Maria Bonsanti, documentary programmer, Italy
Gregory Nava, director and writer, USA
Maria Ramos, director, Brazil

Berlinale Shorts

All on a Mardi Gras Day, Michal Pietrzyk, USA, 22’
Blue Boy, Manuel Abramovich, Argentina and Germany, 19’
Can't You See Them? - Repeat., Clarissa Thieme, Germany and Bosnia  Herzegovina, 9’
Entropia, Flóra Anna Buda, Hungary, 10’
Flexible Bodies, Louis Fried, Germany, 19’
Héctor, Victoria Giesen Carvajal, Chile, 19’
How to Breathe in Kern County, Chris Filippone, USA, 9’
It has to be lived once and dreamed twice, Rainer Kohlberger, Germany, Austria, 28’
Kingdom, Tan Wei Keong, Singapore, 5’
Leyenda Dorada (The Golden Legend), Chema García Ibarra and Ion de Sosa, Spain, 11’
Lidérc úr (Mr. Mare), Luca Tóth, Hungary, France, 19’
Mot Khu Dat Tot (Blessed Land), Pham Ngoc Lan, Vietnam, 19’
Në Mes (In Between), Samir Karahoda, Kosovo, 15’
Omarska, Varun Sasindran, France, 19’
Past Perfect, Jorge Jácome, Portugal, 23’
Prendre feu (Catching Fire), Michaël Soyez, France, 26’
Rang Mahal (Palace of Colours), Prantik Basu, India, 27’
Rise, Bárbara Wagner and Benjamin de Burca, Brazil, Canada, USA, 20’
Shakti, Martín Rejtman, Argentina and Chile, 19’
The Spirit Keepers of Makuta'ay, Yen-Chao Lin, Canada, 11’
Splash, Shen Jie, China, 9’
Suc de síndria (Watermelon Juice), Irene Moray, Spain, 22’
Umbra, Florian Fischer and Johannes Krell, Germany, 20’
Welt an Bord, Eva Könnemann, Germany, 29’

Out of Competition
Al Mahatta (The Station), Eltayeb Mahdi, Sudan, 1989, 16’
Crvene gumene čizme (Red Rubber Boots), Jasmila Žbanić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2000, 18’

Berlinale Shorts Jury
Jeffrey Bowers, Senior Curator at Vimeo, USA
Vanja Kaludjercic, MUBI Director fo Acquisitions, Croatia
Koyo Kouoh, artistic director, Senegal

In 2019, NATIVe – A Journey into Indigenous Cinema is screening 16 short and feature-length fiction and documentary films from the Pacific region. Characteristic of the programme is the presence of women on both sides of the camera: the special series’ opening film Vai alone features the collaborative efforts of a group of eight female filmmakers.  Check info here.

13th Culinary Cinema
The 13th Culinary Cinema will be held under the motto “A Taste for Balance” from February 10 to 15, 2019. Ten documentaries and two fiction films focussing on the relationship between food, culture, and politics are being presented this year.  Check info here.


Berlinale Classics
A total of six Berlinale Classics will be screening as part of the Retrospective at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. Check line up here.  Also there are three restored films in the program by Dominik Graf, Carl Theodor Dreyer and Márta Mészáros, check info here.

Retrospective 2019
The Retrospective of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival takes as its subject women filmmakers between 1968 and 1999. The programme encompasses 26 narrative and documentary features from the former East and West Germany, as well as German films after re-unification in 1990. In addition, the Retrospective will show some 20 shorter films on their own, or as lead-ins to the features. To check more info plus films to be screened go here.

Berlinale Goes Kiez
Since 2010, Berlinale Goes Kiez has honoured the vibrant diversity of cinemas throughout the capital and surrounding regions by featuring one local cinema as an additional Berlinale venue on each of seven consecutive evenings. Daily, from February 9 to 15, 2019, when the Red Carpet is rolled out in a different neighbourhood, not only the film teams will be in the limelight, but also the cinemas themselves and their visitors. For its tenth anniversary, Berlinale Goes Kiez is returning to several movie theatres it went to in its first year, as well as visiting three local cinemas for the first time. This year’s Berlinale Goes Kiez will again honour the festival’s commitment to break down barriers and enable cultural participation with a special event in a prison.  To read more about the program go here.

Books At Berlinale
On February 11, in the scope of “Books at Berlinale”, a co-operation with the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Berlinale Co-Production Market will present twelve new and notable literary works that lend themselves perfectly to adaptation for the screen. At the pitch event, which has been showcasing promising new publications and bestsellers since 2006, film producers can come into contact with the renowned, internationally active publishers and literary agents who hold the rights to these works. To read more about the event go here.

Berlinale Series 
The fifth year of the Berlinale Series program will see seven drama series from Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Israel, Austria and Sweden celebrating their premieres at the Zoo Palast. The rapid development of episodic content in Europe is reflected in this year’s Berlinale Series programme. Blockbusters and film classics have been re-interpreted and bestselling books brought vividly to the big screen, while well-known series are back at the Berlinale with exciting new stories.  Check more info here.

Alongside Berlinale Series, the festival will also host the Drama Series Days for the fifth time this year from February 11 – 13, a joint initiative of the European Film Market, Berlinale Co-Production Market, and Berlinale Talents. There are ten new international series projects in the Co-Pro Series pitch event which is taking place in the scope of Drama Series Days.  Check info about the projects here.

17th Berlinale Talent Campus
From February 9 to 14, 2019, 250 up-and-coming film professionals from 77 countries will gather at Berlinale Talents to share ideas, network, and further develop their latest projects. This year’s group of 141 women and 109 men is socially, culturally, and artistically extremely diverse. Check lots of info at official site here.

European Film Market & Co-Production Market
From February 9 to 13, 2019, the 16th edition of Berlinale Co-Production Market invites 600 international producers and financiers to come together to explore new partnerships. This time out, 37 new feature film projects whose producers are looking to team up with co-production partners from other countries have been chosen to participate. In addition, five exceptional production companies will be presented in the scope of the Berlinale Co-Production Market’s “Company Matching” program.

Also in the Co-Production Market there are 22 Projects, 3 Berlinale Directors' projects, 2 Rotterdam-Berlinale Express projects and 11 Talent Project Market projects and selected production talents.  Check info about projects here.

The 69th Berlin International Film Festival will award the Honorary Golden Bear to British film and stage actress Charlotte Rampling for her lifetime achievement, as well as dedicating the Homage to a selection of her films.  To check info and the Homage films go here.

The Berlinale Camera
Sandra Schulberg, producer and IFP founder, USA
Wieland Speck, the long-term head of our Panorama section, Germany
Agnès Varda, filmmaker, France and Belgium
Herrmann Zschoche, director and writer, Germany

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