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Sunday, May 28, 2017

7th Cannes Soundtrack Award Winners

Yesterday organizers announced award winner is the Composer of Good Time original score, Oneohtrix Point Never, working name of Daniel Lopatin.  Here is and excerpt from what Warp says about the award:

"Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and Josh Safdie became close friends through a shared love of cult genre movies and music, and their level of collaboration here has a rare depth of symbiosis of picture and score. Mundane events become dramatic, montages become mini operas and Iggy Pop features on the poignant closer ‘The Pure And The Damned’."

Oneohtrix Point Never experimental electronica's original score was also part of movies like Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and Ariel Kleiman's Partisan.

A Special Mention is given to composer Arnaud Rebotini for the soundtrack of 120 Battements par Minute by Robin Campillo, the film that many hope will win Cannes film festival and the one that has already collected several collateral awards.

Winners will eventually be at the official site here.

For the first time will share some info about this award founded by Vincent Doerr, that has been given for the last six years..  Will start sharing what he says about this edition.

From May 17 to 28, Festival de Cannes celebrates its Seventh Birthday. Over the last 70th editions, the Film Festival gave us the biggest talents from cinema industry. From Rosselini, Welles, De Sica to Clouzot, Bunuel, Godard, Fellini and Visconti…, Cannes carried them to the edge of film heritage as cult directors.
Film soundtracks are fully a part of this heritage, precisely because Music and Image are indivisible. Much more than that, soundtracks immerses spectators in the realm of imagination and merges with the soundtrack of our lives. As a redolence, music imbues our memories and our imagination throughout films.
Cannes Soundtrack was founded as an echo of the Festival, in the aim of setting up Music & Cinema and rewarding the best soundtrack, and their composers, among the Official Competition.
Vincent Doerr / Founder Cannes Soundtrack

Meet the Composers

If you're interested in learning more about the history of soundtracks and the festival suggest you read a very well-written article at Cine Chronicle here, unfortunately available only in French.  Also if you wish to learn about past winners and composers in competition each year go to official site here.

Strongly suggest you check the award facebook page as for the festival 70th birthday they are doing reviews of the best scores of past festivals; go to facebook page here.  As an example let me share one post about Angelo Bandalamenti and his Mulholland Drive main theme:

Today our review leads us to Mulholland Drive, a masterpiece by David Lynch, rewarded in 2001 during the Festival de Cannes. fifteen years from now David Lynch established his own signature with Blue Velvet: surreal pictures against codes from Hollywood industry. Wild at Heart was a doped road movie searching for ideals, Twin Peaks absorbed us more and more in Lynch's universe. Angelo Badalamenti, regular composer of the Director, composed ethereal scores and managed to put music onto strangeness. From this association, Badalamenti and Lynch created the perfect chord !

An outstanding film from David Lynch and an ethereal score from Angelo Badalamenti. This piece is a haunting yet beautiful score and it, to me, is one of the greatest pieces ever written and it's conducted by Badalamenti himself. If you haven't seen Mulholland Drive I highly suggest it. It's one of the greatest films out there and features an amazing, multi-layered performance from Naomi Watts.

If reviews do not have much info at least is interesting to see the list that includes, Neil Young, Giorgio Moroder,  Ennio Morricone, Michael Myman, Nino Rota, Ry Cooder and more.

Cannes Soundtrack awards the Best Original Music award to the soundtrack of one of the films in the main competition which -as of today- there are eighteen (18) films (surely there will be more).  The award jury is composed by 24 journalists and the award ceremony will be on May 27.

2017 Jury
Caroline Vie - 20 minutes
Nicolas Schaller - L'Obs
Marilyne Letertre - Madame Figaro
Olivier Bousquet - VSD
David Fontaine - Le Canard Enchaine
Renan Cros - Stylist
Laura Terrazas - Le Figaro
Renaud Baronian - Le Parisien
Yal Sadat - Chronic'Art
Audrey Abril - Sens Critique
Marie-Pauline Mollaret - Ecran Noir
Jeremie Couston - Telerama
Yannick Vely - Paris Match
Theo Ribeton - Les Inrockuptibles
Annie-Claire Cieutat - Bande a part
Damien Aubel - Transfuge
Hubert Charrier - La Grande Evasion
Antoine Guillot - France Culture
Pierre Siclier - Le Blog du Cinema
Time Zoppe - Trois Coleurs
Philippe Rouyer - Positif
Fernando Ganzo - So Film
Aurelien Allin - Cinemateaser
Nathalie Dassa - CineChronicle

The Competition Composers for 2017 edition have not been announced yet and imagine the list will be available when Festival de Cannes organizers say they have announced all films in competition.  As soon as the list becomes available will modify post to include the names of all composers in each film.

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