Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cannes 2015 Women in Motion Talks #2

Finally video with full talk.

Excerpt from THR article. To see full article go here.

The "Women in Motion" talks, presented by The Hollywood Reporter and luxury group Kering, continued Saturday with a Salma Hayek and Matthias Schoenaerts conversation that tackled gender disparity in Hollywood.

Janice Min, president and chief creative officer of THR parent Guggenheim Media's Entertainment Group, opened the candid discussion with some sobering statistics, including the fact that a mere 4.6 percent of studio films in 2014 were directed by women and that not one Oscar best picture nominee this year featured a female protagonist.

That drew a lengthy answer from Hayek, long a champion of women’s causes, who suggested that the box-office prowess of women continues to be overlooked by studio executives, who need to wake up.

"The only thing we can do is show them we are an economic force," said the actress-producer-director. "Nothing else will move them. … The minute they see money, things will be instantaneously different. ... Show them the money."

In fact, Hayek pointed to the movie industry’s current box-office woes and suggested that one reason is that the female audience -- which makes up half of receipts -- continues to be ignored.

Now we have the full talk (I hope no editing... ?!) and indedd there is a context in which Salma Hayek said so many things.

Absolutely must be seen for everyone involved in the filmmaking industry ... especially: men!!! (LOL!!!)

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