Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Cannes: A Prelude

Just two days to Cannes opening day and believe it or not, madness has already started. As a matter of fact started since April as the market has been unusually high with many Official Selection films being picked up ahead of the festival, which usually means less expensive than after the fest -IF film wins top award(s).

This year had the purpose of covering more the Cannes Market but it's impossible, you need an army of people just to track everything that is happening BEFORE the market begins next Wednesday when the action then explodes. As we know here is where most of the business happens in Cannes and this year IF continues as has been going in the previous weeks, the probably will be one of the most successful years in Cannes Market history. Just check major industry magazines in many languages to learn the high purchasing activity surrounding the films in the festival as well as thousands more that are just present in the market.

So let's take a brief look at what Cannes Market offers this year.

2015 Marché du Film

The Village International this year has more than sixty flags flying over the pavilions with Jordan, Albania, Finland Film Commission, Iran, Japan, Ministere de la Defense and St Petersburg Clearwater Film Commission being in the village for the first time. Then you have the producers network and workshops in full swing allowing producers to find the money they need.

But the most interesting programs are The NEXT program, Doc Corner and China Summit.


Surely THE news that has captured the attention of worldwide press is an event that will happen in the NEXT program: Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix will attend In Conversation sessions at Marché du Film. Also in this program, many events around the second (after Netflix) most talked news around the world, the proposed European Digital Single Market, including one with none other than Céline Sciamma acting as President of the New Media Commission, CNC.

There are many activities in the NEXT program that will inspire your imagination as many are more about the future of cinema, rather than talking about the past or the present, which I find remarkably exciting. Check the program brochure.

Doc Corner

It's clear that the festival is willing to pay more attention to documentary films as for starters, this year there will be an award given for the first time to documentaries in all sections of the festival; but Marché du Film Doc Corner has been active promoting documentaries and if you wish to check the 2015 program of Doc_Meets, Doc_Drinks and Doc_Talks go here.

China Summit

If you like to read cinema news you have to know what is happening with China cinema as well as with cinema in China. So it is NO surprise that Cannes this year will have the first ever Cannes China Summit which aims to help film industry professionals learn more about China and to enable Chinese professionals to get in touch with their peers and provide a platform that promotes international business connections.

This is a 3-day event with activities that you can check at official site here.  Suggest you check the event brochure by clicking the 2015 EDITION box.

That's it for the Cannes Market for this year, maybe in 2016 finally find a way to cover the many things happening in the biggest, largest, loudest film market in the world.

Cannes Short Film Corner

Another relevant section of the festival is the Cannes Short Film Corner that since 2004 allows short film producers and directors to present their films, make meetings a reality and take decisive steps for their future careers. This year catalog is as every year organized by themes, schools or markets and if you wish to browse it go to the section official site here.

Some News

Today the big festival poster was installed on the Palais des Festival entrance, the red carpet should be installed tomorrow or Wednesday morning at the latest as will be used that afternoon.

Learned that there will be a Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Party next Saturday, May 16, 2015 at Baoli Beach BUT the cast is NOT expected.

As of today you can read critics reviews of Mad Max Fury Road, they are available all over the net. Most interesting is to learn that The Guardian critic, Peter Bradshaw felt "slightly embarrased" at how very much he enjoyed the movie (LOL!!!). Well, I know, we will watch the movie as cast is eye candy in very dirty clothes and dirty body parts (lol).

Fun News

Cinema people has already arrived in Cannes. As we can guess because she has the opening film, Emmanuelle Bercot (in photo) is in Cannes and already had her first photo session with AFP, consequently there are some very beautiful photos around.

Twin brothers Tarzan and Arab Abu Nasser also had their AFP session. As we know they have a film that is must be seen for me as I see everything with the lead actress, Hiam Abbass. I'm talking about Degrade that will screen in La Semaine de la Critique main competition.

AFP has also done sessions with the first Ethiopian filmmaker ever in Cannes, Yared Zeleke but the session was in Paris on May 6th and well, yes there is also a wide coverage of the infamous recent Cartier shop on the Croissette heist where four armed men fled with almost twenty million in jewelery on May 5th.

Today is the inaugural day of the "Celebrity Sightings At Nice Airport" section of most image services like Gettty, Zimbio, etc. The first ones to be showcased in the section are Zoe Kravitz and Dakota Fanning. I know Kravitz is in Mad Max but have no idea what Fanning is doing in Cannes but surely will be attending any of the many events that surround the festival. Main competition jury member, Rokia Traore has arrived as well as Michael Damian who will attend the screening of his new dance film High Strung.

Extremely Irreverent

Have used Uber services but believe that the latest Uber service in Cannes is just "too much" (lol). Yes Uber has helicopter services in Cannes! So that's your option to drive back to Nice when you couldn't book a room in Cannes. (LOL) After all drinking and driving do not mix and the helicopter trip just takes 7 minutes. Actually ad is not that bad so here goes some publicity, just in case you need the service (LOL!).

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