Friday, November 09, 2012

다른 나라에서 Da-reun Na-ra-e-suh (In Another Country)

Not very familiar with Hong Sangsoo filmmaking and storytelling style but according to what I read seems that anyone familiar with his peculiar style will easily identify its presence in this film and possibly will be surprised to find that is about the first time the director tells a story from a female point of view. Some say that this is a good film to introduce us to his work and if that is true then I am not sure I will explore his other films.

I liked the movie but honestly wondered why was screened at 2012 Cannes in competition as fest does not characterize for including any kind of experimental cinema in its main competition and this film seemed to me like "playful" experimental cinema. Not a big fan of experimental cinema but there are many exceptions that I highly enjoyed; then this film is all right for an entertaining moment but nothing more.

Film uses the excuse of a mother and daughter that to escape debt-collectors go to small coastal village where the girl kills boring time writing a movie script. We get to see how the same actors act the script she is writing about three different foreign women (all called Anne and all acted by Isabelle Huppert) that go to the village where the writer is staying. More than a story or three stories, we find explorations of themes like infidelity, loneliness, odd/awkward romance, being a foreigner, cultural differences plus more related subtleties. But there is a beginning (not related to the writer) and there is an end where the circle is closed as in the two last segments there are little details from previous ones that if you blink (or get tired of seeing the same interpreted differently) perhaps you could skip them.

Since I am a huge Isabelle Huppert fan highly enjoyed her performance as the three different women meant three great and very different Huppert interpretations; but all had something in common, they were quite "playful" and lot less dramatic than her usual roles. Yes, watched movie because Isabelle Huppert was in it and I'm glad as was a refreshing surprise to see her doing everything she does here and surely if she was not the star probably will not have liked film that much.

Believe that film is suited only for those that enjoy Isabelle Huppert performances and enjoy minimalist experimental cinema.


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