Friday, August 10, 2012

Babycall (The Monitor)

Another extraordinary performance by Noomi Rapace in the most nerve-wracking movie I have seen in years, I was so much into the movie that even forgot that I was watching Noomi which tells about how good an actress she is but also tells about how good the movie was constructed as starts quite slowly introducing the characters but as soon as the main character, Anna (Rapace), buys the baby monitor film spirals into turmoil where you don't know what is real and what is not. Fantastic.

All right, there is a moment where a key element becomes evident and I know most of you will guess right, but doesn't matter if you have been following what this movie could really be all about, which basically has absolutely nothing to do with the monitor, but with what Anna is feeling/living after ... what? You will not know until the very end that was kind of a downer as it was "spelled" for you.

But director and screenplay writer Pål Sletaune spiced his finale with a sideline story that makes congruent to close Anna story so literal and open the "other" story that was happening in front of you and perhaps you didn't notice that much. Then the "other" story of course is not closed and the open-end leaves you thinking a lot more about what was really happening in this movie. Brilliant.

Absolutely not a movie to relax as will crush your nerves and make you think a lot about what is happening while watching plus when is over the thinking or re-thinking starts and even do I read all over the net for someone that could give me some light about the "other" story and the "new" movie story in general, I was not able to find something. I'm exhausted from watching and thinking, which I find quite exciting as it's been a long while since a movie leaves me in this state of mind and yes, also body.

Somehow even when movies are quite different, this movie makes me think about Daisy Diamond but surely is because the intensity that Noomi Rapace gives to both lead characters is not only similar but the result is equal, excellence in performing. Still fact is that Babycall has the Nordic cold look and feel of Daisy Diamond, so if you liked the second surely will like this one.

As a movie has excellent production values, with some beautiful photography that allows you to pause for seconds, great performance by all the cast, and a hand that puts together quite effectively a complex story that, especially after reading reviews, can be so complex and thinking-consuming that seems most avoid doing it and satisfy themselves by seeing a regular American thriller story/movie with a predictable end, which in my opinion is not at all and suggest you do not think will be. Nevertheless Pål Sletaune twisted mastery takes us into a great, very complex, narrative and visual ride. Great and thank you Mr. Sletaune for the experience.

I highly recommend movie but if you enjoy American thrillers I strongly suggest to try to not think that this movie is alike, maybe then you will not only enjoy movie more but also will be able to tell me what the "other" story told at the very end changes everything we thought we saw. I have several ideas but there is not one that fully convinces/satisfies me.

Will leave you without telling what story is about, as this is the kind of movie where is better not to know much about it and hope I didn't gave away spoilers.


Watch trailer @MOC (the trailer with English subtitles makes movie look like horror, which is not, suggest avoid watching it)

PS: left one interpretation as a comment, which is a major spoiler, so if you haven't seen the movie, please do not read it. Thanks.

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