Wednesday, July 04, 2012

トップ Toppuresu (Topless)

For a moment I had the impression that I was watching an "old" film from the '90s thanks to the storytelling style plus the use of light, sound and humor; but no, this is a recent film from 2008 that some claim to recall Pinku Eiga cinema (Japanese Sexploitation) but definitively not me as even when there are some explicit sex (straight sex) scenes, today they are nothing special or out of the ordinary to what we can see in movies from many countries.

Film tells a story that is not often told in the lesbian interest genre as explores the life of lesbians that not leave the closet but go deeper into the closet to assure economic stability. But this is one of the three stories told as also tells about a young girl looking for her lesbian mother that abandoned her to follow her lover and the main character story, Natsuko, that is coping with her lover leaving her to marry, exploring straight sex and finally finding her place in her world as what she is, a lesbian. I found stories interesting but what made film not-easy-to-watch for me was the storytelling style, particularly the humor style with all the hitting.

Still I know this is a must be seen for many that read the blog and enjoy the lesbian interest genre and I do recommend movie suggesting to be patient with the storytelling style to better enjoy the story told.


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