Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Crazy Horse

Since the 2011 Biennale where documentary was screened as a special event in the Venice Days section I have been waiting to watch this Frederick Wiseman documentary about the most avant-garde cabaret in Paris and for me, the world. I'm sure that I had high expectations as having seen the show live I was expecting a film that could translate the impressive experience that you can have while watching the show. Unfortunately I was wrong.

Documentary is good as gives us a glimpse to what is behind the scenes of the creation of Désirs, the current show since 2009, and also includes several numbers from the show; but to me watching this doc gave an experience similar to the one I had when I watched the show in Las Vegas, which was okay but was very far from what you see/experience in the Paris Crazy Horse.

So, if you ever seen the show in Paris I'm sure you have to lower your expectations regarding the doc and if you have never seen it, please don't think portraits the amazing experience you will have if you watch show live.

After clearing all of the above have to admit that documentary could be seen as an interesting portrait of a complex creative process that not only shows the tall, thin, totally fit women executing their precise gymnastic moves but also shows that is not only the dancers who work hard, it is everyone that works with choreographer and director Philippe Decouflé. If you're able to see only this then I'm sure you will highly enjoy the film.

Wiseman documentary collected honors in the fest circuit including being nominated for best documentary at the 2012 César Awards and those honors are well deserved as his particular style that has no-interviews and captures a succession of moments, is quite not-mainstream, so please do not expect your regular documentary.

I do recommend doc to those that like non-mainstream films and rare non-exploitative portraits of nude women. But I strongly recommend that next time you're in Paris do not skip this sensational experience that could surprise you beyond whatever you can imagine.


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