Saturday, June 09, 2012

Le Chant des Mariées (The Wedding Song)

A very beautiful to watch film with an interesting story in a context full of ideological, religion, social and sexual conflicts, done with slow pace and awesome visual poetry that will stimulate all your senses beyond whatever you imagined about film.

Karin Albou's sophomore feature is filmed with subtle eroticism and dreamy intimacy to show the amazing tale of an intimate bond between two 16-year-old girls, Nour, Muslim and Myriam, Jewish, set in Nazi-occupied Tunisia in 1942. Nour eagerly anticipates her wedding to a cousin while Myriam furiously resists the engagement to a much older doctor, a marriage of convenience. With this context story evolves with situations that tend to separate the two girls, but their love prevails among everything that happens.

I know this is not a clearly lesbian interest story as Nour and Myriam have a strong love-friendship, BUT film in more than one occasion transpires an attraction between both characters that makes movie must be seen for all that like the genre. Then you have an end that you can close with whatever you wish to imagine and no need to guess what I imagine as after men left her lives, there is only one thing they can do.

It's a beautiful movie done with very high production values, telling an interesting war set story that could touch you with the little-known Tunisian Nazi-occupation history; but please do not expect a regular movie as film has a French storytelling style where what is not said perhaps is more important than what is said. So expect silences where face and body expressions tell all, slow pace, beautiful compositions, great framing, a palette that plays with greys and blues, and some truly amazing poetry.

Since almost the beginning movie mesmerized me with the visuals and story slowly got me inside, but once inside I couldn't leave, not even after movie ended as my mind went on and on with everything I saw. I highly recommend movie and hope you have a great cinema experience as the one I had.


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