Monday, June 25, 2012

Kärlekens krigare (Warriors of Love)

Have seen old movies like this one, but lately seems like not many filmmakers are revisiting the style as probably is not easy to sustain for viewers as has extremely long shots with fix camera, extremely slow-pace, sort of experiential style that no longer is experimental, deadpan expressionless performances, dialogues with no characters in screen and only two actors that pretend to be something they are not. Yes is quite hard to watch this movie that was in competition at 2009 Locarno in the Filmmakers of the Present section.

If visually is hard to watch because the storytelling style, story is quite disturbing and style only makes it more disturbing; still have in my mind some of the dialogue and I hope to fast get rid of as the coldness when delivering the lines is chilling, disturbing and that's how I'm hearing the words again in my head. Awful.

Film story has been labeled as the "lesbian Romeo and Juliet"; I can assure you that there is nothing in here slightly resembling the Shakespeare story, as tells about a couple of young women (actress look adult but dress like teens, odd effect) that go to the countryside where the father of Ida lives, slowly and in the most disturbing way (only with words that many times are worst than images) we learn that the father abused her, so they decide to kill him. I watched with most disgust until this moment as afterwards story became really silly and -please excuse my word- stupid. As I will not recommend watching this movie will spoil the story, in the end the women hang themselves to death.

I have seen very disturbing movies, but this one besides being quite disturbing is VERY unpleasant to watch, truly disgusting, no matter the great black and white cinematography. So, I strongly suggest you skip this very unpleasant movie.


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