Sunday, June 10, 2012

Il Richiamo (The Call)

A small movie with a small story that absolute grows exponentially in front of you, fast quite fast thanks to the most wonderful camera that produces awesome Buenos Aires and Patagonia beauty shots, very good tech specs, good performances and a hand that merges all together so well that's not easy to believe that this is the second film by Stefano Pasetto. Beautiful movie, very beautiful movie.

Film tells the story of two very different women, Lea (Francesca Inaudi) and Lucia (Sandra Ceccarelli), the first wanting to live her life to the fullest the other living a suffocating tedious life, how they meet and how they go to one of the most beautiful places in the world, La Patagonia. Their story is a love/attraction tale that is underdeveloped as such, as to me is the excuse to explore momentaneous freedom away from urban responsibilities. So even do has all the elements to make it attractive to those that enjoy the lesbian interest genre, I'm afraid is not at all the usual movie in the genre as not only transcends the two-women story but also the storytelling style will not please many.

But that's exactly what makes this movie great as the narrative and visual storytelling style is truly compelling, engaging and remarkable, making the experience a very interesting cinematic one when you enjoy films that are more visual than dialogue or situation oriented. But let me remark that film has a very coherent visual narrative, so good that probably if you turn off sound you will be able to tell what movie is all about.

Confess that was a surprise as decided to watch because the lesbian interest label, but definitively in difference to the previous reviews, this movie belongs to genre but absolutely transcends it so much that I'm sure many will not enjoy it as also doesn't have a positive ending. So, if you watch for the same reason as me, be aware that story might disappoint you, but maybe, maybe you will enjoy this great movie.

Strongly recommend this movie to those that enjoy European movies as even if is an Argentinean co production, film looks and feels more Italian/European than Latin American cinema. Yes I enjoyed movie a lot and this is the kind of movie that I can watch twice or more and still enjoy what I see.


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