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Cannes 2012 - Day 1


Finally today the fest opens and I'm looking forward to watch the opening ceremony, including the red carpet to the ceremony but also to Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom.

According to the official site the actors expected to be in attendance today include Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, and Edward Norton, all starring in Anderson film, which suggests that film red carpet moment will be colorful to say the least.

By this moment you'll be able to read press reactions to Anderson's movie as the press screening already happened, so if you wish to read the reviews just browse the net to find them. As a preview: press applauses were brief...

But in a while we will be able to attend Anderson's movie photocall and press conference, so will be adding here whatever I find interesting. Found paid photos from photocall and is Murray who's stealing the show. Photocall is over and they are moving into the press conference room.

As some of my loyal readers know what follows are my spontaneous not-so-serious comments about the events that happened today.

Around Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson

Moonrise Kingdom photocall 20 minutes video is up at Cannes official site and I'm watching. Obviously FULL of press photographers and is Thierry Fremaux who welcomes the cast to the photocall. Gosh, who's been called the most? Bruce, Bruce. Next is Tilda, Tilda. But it's amazing that the photo which immediately reached the net belongs to Bill Murray wearing a colorful jacket and underneath what absolutely looks like a pajama. The two young actors plus Anderson and a man in blue who probably is a producer. Tilda alone, press goes wild, lol! Bruce follows and the same craziness. Edward Norton, Wes Aderson and Bill follow... Bruce decides to iPhone film the press and Bill wants to have a photo with Anderson... then with Bruce... haha Anderson takes photos. Alright is a funny photocall, very nice for the first photocall of the fest! Suggest to watch. Enjoy!

Next also up at official site is the cast interview with TVFestival de Cannes, I'm watching. Tilda Swinton, Bruce Willis, Wes Anderson, Edward Morton and Bill Murray attend. Wes starts by saying that's his first time in Cannes; serious Bruce talks about love and start to play with Bill, haha, interviewer lost control, great! Wes interviews Bruce... with no question. haha. Bill represents sincerity (??!!)... actually he is the one that says more serious things. Oops no questions for Tilda, bad quite bad. Okay, watch you will laugh a little, smile a little...

 Very nice Edward Norton photo from the press conference.

Edward Norton on why he wanted to take part in this film:
"It's really great to find yourself surrounded by actors who have all studied Orson Wells or the theatre. Wes Anderson has created a great troop of actors made up of all these comedians working together in a fairly romantic context... It's a bit like what you want to do when you're still young and you want to make a film in your family's back garden."

Press conference has everyone including Alexandre Desplat that is in the audience; man in blue is scriptwriter Roman Coppola. Start with the two main characters, the kids, talking about their Cannes experience, followed by Wes introduction. Questions start with American press. Serious Bruce Willis talks again about love... ends with a joke. Tilda very smart and precise answer, love to watch her. Bill Murray makes me laugh, great! Edward Norton above quote is edited, check real answer is great. Gosh Murray is truly entertaining... worth watching! Murray: this what we call art film; which meansyou work long hours for no money, this trip to Cannes is all we get...ha ha. or "when you work with a director you know you not only may never see him again, sometimes you hope you never seen him again. And that goes for the director as well. They can't wait for you to leave. They drive you to the airport to make sure you leave. That happens. With Wes, I've never gotten a ride to the airport." Oh gosh! Murray really makes you laugh... probably more than in the movie! ha ha. Great that Bruce talks about Frances McDormand that is not there... and the big rabbits in North, ha ha. Conference has many serious moments but I find it entertaining and you don't learn much about film, so there are no major spoilers, great! Watch it!!!

The Jury

Last night the jury had his photo opportunity moment and here is the first photo of this year eclectic jury. Also soon will be available the video with the jury press conference.

Also a nice photo of juror Ewan McGregor with Tim Roth, president of the Un Certain Regard jury.

Photocall is noisy with lots of photographers, Nanni is the first to go alone; then a very nice photo with Nanni and all the female jurors followed by other with all the male jurors. Think is first time I see Jean-Paul Gaultier moving as always have seen him in photos. Last Gaultier, McGregor and Kruger, the jury photogenic (beautiful) people. Diane Kruger is wearing very beautiful shoes, there are many photos available. If you decide not to watch won't miss much.

Jury interview is full of different languages so no matter how you watch you will hear two translator at once sometimes; the this year no woman directors question comes (are you aware about the controversy?) and Andrea Arnold answer, as well as Devos and Kruger. If one I actor I truly respect and will watch everything with or by her is magnificent Hiam Abbass; then Andrea Arnold Fish Tank is outstanding while his last is puzzling. Gaultier wishes to be surprised. Interview is okay but not much entertaining, if you skip it will not miss much.

To check Today May 16 all videos go here. Is a work in progress that will end with the opening ceremony video later in the night.

Tonight Red Carpets

At the official site there is an almost 16 minutes red carpet clip that shows some of the celebrities in attendance plus the jury. Have seen a few photos and definitively Fan Bing Bing called my attention as well as Jessica Chastain; Jean-Paul Gaultier looks very elegant with what looks like a long skirt and Tilda has some magnificent photos, especially when she is laughing. Moonrise Kingdom cast and crew in attendance look great and elegant, even Bill Murray.

Also there is another video with the Moonrise Kingdom red carpet with interviews with most of the cast. Tilda as always looking specially great and with very good answers. Suggest to watch video.

Opening Ceremony

My only very serious comments for today.

Nice opening ceremony. The best as always are the movie clips that this year showed the immense variety/diversity of films In Competition and Out of Competition. Watching the clips made me think about how well curated Cannes 2012 is, with films that travel almost all the genre spectrum. Most interesting is to watch clips from those films that not until this moment had trailers or clips, especially Leos Carax intriguing scene from Holy Motors, and the new clips like the one from Andrew Dominik's Killing Them Softly where Brad Pitt says exactly the movie title, Lee Daniel's The Paperboy clip with Zac Efron dreaming about Nicole Kidman that had great visuals, and the surprise twist in Michael Haneke's Amour scene. Excellent films await us in the coming year my friends.

Also outstanding was Nanni Moretti's collage with many films that made me recall why I highly enjoy him as an actor and as a director. The collage was very well-done, so good that not only was highly enjoyable, entertaining but also clearly showed Moretti's wide range.

Talking about Moretti extremely enjoyed his remarks as not only complied with the ceremony etiquette but also had its brief but sharp political comment. Bravo!

Beth Ditto appearance was maybe a little bit confusing for me as even when can't say I did not found entertaining her efforts to cheer the audience, performing Elton John's Candle in the Wind to honor Marilyn Monroe seems to me not correct. The song belongs to a very well-known celebrity and that's exactly what I was thinking while she was singing; and as camera went to her audience I bet you that many were thinking the same. To me performing this song was a big faux-pas.

Also in the non-positive end is Bérénice Bejo opening monologue. Not only was not entertaining, not interesting but was delivered in such a monotonous way that became tedious; so boring that camera showed her audience with eyes closed like if they were sleeping.

But in the end this is a ceremony about movies and both movie clips collages were fantastic, so I highly recommend you watch them.  Enjoy!!!

The Irreverent

First day and surely one of the most irreverent events in Cannes took place, Sasha Baron Cohen ridiculous presentation of his latest movie The Dictator; browse around for photos including the ones with him discussing with a woman in a yacht. Okay here is one.

Who is in Cannes

Alec Baldwin and Chris Pine being interviewed by allocine; found they're promoting "Rise of the Guardians" also with them, Isla Fisher.  All walked the red carpet
Jane Fonda in a very nice photo that includes Eva Longoria and Frieda Pinto; all walked the red carpet looking fantastic.

Today's photos

Diane Kruger and Jessica Chastain arrive to Cannes looking very natural. Nice.

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