Saturday, April 07, 2012


Baltasar Kormákur is a director I like and follow his work since his first film 101 Reykjavík, so was interested in checking his latest Hollywood movie even when I was expecting to be very different to his Icelandic productions I was hoping that at least his cinematic style was preserved. Well, no, film is like many action packed Hollywood movies starring Mark Wahlberg with the difference that here is sort of the bad guy doing stuff that feels and looks really like fantasy truly far-away from possible reality.

Film tells about Chris Faraday (Wahlberg) once a illegal smuggler that went legit only to be forced to go back to his old trade to save his family. Story is really bad and even ridiculous, especially all that happens in Panama. To be fair film has in some moments Kormákur particular visual style, but as soon as the action starts you have no time to pay attention to anything else but whatever is happening in story. Sigh.

So now I’m looking forward to watch Kormákur latest Icelandic film, Djúpið, that I know has to be more interesting visually and story-wise than his Hollywood incursions.

If you do not mind stories that make not much sense but have Hollywood star power and enough noise and action to kill time, then maybe you will enjoy this movie. I really did not like the story, the style, actors’ performances –didn’t understood why Kate Beckinsale did this role- and the movie in general, so cannot recommend it.


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