Friday, April 27, 2012

3rd Cannes Queer Palm News

Organizers announced the Jury for the award that every year becomes more established with this year not only giving the Palm to a feature film but also to a short film, so now we will have two palms that will be announced at the awards ceremony on May 26. I have already identify a couple of gay interest feature films, let's hope that some lesbian interest will appear too beyond the short films category, sigh.

These are the jurors.

President: Julie Gayet, actress and producer, France
Sam Ashby, Little Joe founder and designer, UK
Jim Dobson, publicist, USA
Sarah Neal, Head of Programming at Brisbane Queer Film Festival, Australia
Frederic Niolle, assistand director and film journalist, France
Moira Sullivan, film critic, promoter and experimental filmmaker, USA and Sweden

To read more about each juror go here.

An interview with Julie Gayet and Franck Finance-Madureira, the award founder; available only in French.

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