Monday, March 12, 2012

Островът, Ostrovat (The Island)

One of the most interesting and surprising films that I have seen lately and one that I strongly suggest you read nothing about the story so you can be surprised as I was as well as many other that have enjoyed the film. Critics and viewers comments tend to manifest dislike for the movie when they were aware of what story was about, so I insist you go “virgin” to this movie.

Can share with you that movie has three parts, the first very brief is quite realistic and has the amazing cameo by none other than Alejandro Jodorowsky; the second happens in a small island in the Black Sea where the main character lives an interior cataclysm and the third happens in a big city, a modern society. The point is that each part has a different style and Kamen Kalev really plays with the styles plus with you, the viewer, if you allow yourself to get inside the story and film. As you can imagine is not a regular art or European cinema, this is quite unusual storytelling that could blow your mind or make you go to the other extreme, bore you to death.

One of the most surprising elements of this film is that is the only film I know where Laetitia Casta has a more than acceptable performance as indeed her performance is very credible; but movie belongs to Thure Lindhardt that speaks Bulgarian phonetically and more than what he says is what he doesn’t say –his face expressions and body language- what really amaze you.

I have not seen Kalev’s debut movie as I really dislike the actor in the lead, but after watching this movie with another not pleasant to watch actor in the lead, I’m warming into watching his first and most acclaimed oeuvre Eastern Plays. I know has to be a good movie as from trailer know cinematography looks spectacular, which by the way in this film cinematography is also spectacular both outdoors as indoors.

First part is so brief that suggest you pay attention as introduction is key to second part that very slowly involved me –almost lost me, so try to endure- but when third part started my reaction was with amazement –incredulity- and you have no idea how could enjoy such a style, story and unconventional ending. This movie is quite unique.

I do recommend to those that really do not like to read about story before watching a movie, like slow story development with some tension building and most of all, enjoy at being surprised with most amusing and unexpected situations.

Big Enjoy!!!

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