Sunday, March 18, 2012

Higher Ground

I’m really not crazy about religion films but when I see one that shows something special that I haven’t seen before I have to spread the word as not only Vera Farmiga debut film is surprisingly good but also story critiques religion from a very natural point-of-view that becomes quite entertaining. So no matter if you care or not for any religion, film will take you into a nice voyage that starts when Corinne (played by Farmiga) is a child and accepts God followed by a process that will disenchant her from her beliefs; indeed most of all –in brief- film has a woman story worth watching.

Movie has very good –and surprising- tech specs, but Farmiga’s storytelling style is what will engage you and will allow you to watch her film that absolutely showcases Farminga not only as a great performer but also as a good storyteller. Great.

Please do not expect much and I’m sure you will enjoy this film as much as I did; I do recommend film especially to women and to those that are not that crazy about any religion.


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