Thursday, February 16, 2012

Las Acacias

If you ask me what type of movie would I like to see a lot more nowadays my answer absolutely is the type Las Acacias has. What a fantastic movie, one that makes you feel good, makes you wonder why cinema doesn’t have more stories told like this one and one that absolutely deserves all the honors that has been collecting since premiering at 2011 Cannes where won the prestigious Camera d’Or plus the Grand Rail d’Or, the ACID Award and the Young Critics award in the Semaine de la Critique section.

As you know I don’t like to know much about a movie and in this case I knew nothing, zip, nada. I strongly suggest that if possible that’s the best way to watch this marvelous movie that slowly, very slowly will grow in you, grab you, hold you tight with a big smile in your face and won’t release you –nor your smile- until is over.

Let me just share that Pablo Giorgelli’s film is what we could call a road movie but is of the unexpected kind –if you know nothing about story- that starts near the Paraguay/Argentina border and ends in Buenos Aires, Argentina; trip is done in a trailer and yes, there are hand-held cameras that will allow you to feel inside the cabin the uneven roads the truck transits. It’s great.

Actually have to comment that last year Cannes Critics’ Week had fabulous movies like this one and Take Shelter, which is NOT common as usually the strangest/weirdest movies are screened in this section; second all the honors that film have been collecting all over the world are extremely well deserved for a fantastic story, great production values, excellent performances and a filmmaker that masters the art of storytelling with images, little details and very little dialogue. While is not unique certainly is not common so-well done in Latin American cinema, thus chapeau Master Giorgelli!

All right is not for all audiences unless you prepare for a very slow storytelling, a long while where nothing seems to be happening, lots of silences where actors expressions –or lack of expressions- (including an impressive baby) tell everything that’s going on and an intrusive camera with many hand-held takes.

Strongly recommend this movie to all that enjoy great world-class cinema and especially to those that enjoy Latin American cinema, even when story is not local, is really universal and filmmaker transcended most styles that predominate in the region. Oh yes, I enjoyed the movie well-beyond my expectations and well, when movie was over I was surprised beyond my imagination with the high quality of this complete cinematic experience.

Big Enjoy!!!

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