Monday, February 06, 2012

65th Bodil Awards Winners

Melancholia was the BIG winner last night as collected ten awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Script, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress to great Charlotte Gainsbourg. Winners are in *BLUE. To read complete list of winners go here in English or here in Danish.



A few days ago the Danish Film Critics Association announced their nominations and here they are some top categories. Nomination leader is A Family with 16 nominations followed close by Dirch (14) and Melancholia (13).

Best Film
En familie (A Family), Pernille Fischer Christensen
SuperClásico, Ole Christian Madsen
Frit Fald (Rebounce), Heidi Maria Faisst
*Melancholia, Lars von Trier
Dirch (A Funny Man), Martin P. Zandvliet

Best Actress
Lena Maria Christensen in En familie (A Family)
Frederikke Dahl Hansen in Frit fald (Rebounce)
*Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia
Emma Sehested Høeg in Magi i luften (Love is in the Air)

Best Actor
*Nikolaj Lie Kaas in Dirch (A Funny Man)
Jesper Christensen in En familie (A Family)
Anders W. Bertelsen in SuperClásico

To read nominees in other categories go here, available only in Danish and here in English. Award winners will be announced on February 5.

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