Monday, February 20, 2012

26th Goya Awards Winners

A few minutes ago the award ceremony reach the end with no big awards to Almodovar, except for Elena Anaya winning. I'm convinced that is not easy to win in Spain for Almodovar but I'm very glad that he won the BAFTA a few days ago as his movie deserves all the honors because he went back to his most excellent style that only him can do. Sigh. Okay got it out.

Ceremony was not entertaining with a few exceptions but most amusing and highly entertaining was following the #premiosgoya in twitter while watching on TV, that was really fun as seems "everyone" was twitting about the awards as almost reached trend No. 1 worldwide so you could read the most funny, amusing, annoying, etc tweets you can imagine. But was lots of fun.

The Academy site was object of a DOS attack and will take a while for them to have the site back; so if you wish to read winners in all categories will have to wait until probably tomorrow, but go here. Nevertheless winners for main categories are in *BLUE.


A few minutes ago the Academy announced the nominations and here they are for some categories. Most remarkable is that Almodovar latest film, La Piel Que Habito got 16 nominations, which I think makes film one with most nods in Almodovar’s own country, congrats to Pedro Almodovar!

Best Film
Blackthorn, Mateo Gil (oh! Magaly Solier is here!)
La Piel Que Habito (The Skin I Live In), Pedro Almodóvar
La Voz Dormida (The Sleeping Voice), Benito Zambrano
*No habrá paz para los malvados, Enrique Urbizu

Best Director
Mateo Gil for Blackthorn
Pedro Almodóvar for La Piel que Habito
Benito Zambrano for La Voz Dormida
*Enrique Urbizu for No habrá paz para los malvados

Best New Director
Paula Ortiz for De tu Ventana la Mía
*Kike Maíllo for Eva
Paco Arango for Maktub
Eduardo Chapero-Jackson for Verbo

Best Actress
Verónica Echegui in Katmandú. Un espejo en el cielo, Icíar Bollaín
Salma Hayek in La Chispa de la Vida, Alex de la Iglesia
*Elena Anaya in La Piel Que Habito, Pedro Almodóvar
Inma Cuesta in La Voz Dormida, Benito Zambrano

Best Actor
Daniel Brühl in Eva, Kike Maíllo
Antonio Banderas in La Piel que Habito, Pedro Almodóvar
Luis Tosar, Mientras Duermes (Sleep Tight), Jaume Balagueró
*Jose Coronado in No habrá paz para los malvados, Enrique Urbizu

Best European Film
Jane Eyre, Cary Fukunaga
Melancholia, Lars von Trier
*The Artist, Michel Hazanavicius
Carnage, Roman Polanski

Best Iberoamerican Film
Boleto al Paraíso, Gerardo Chijona, Cuba
Miss Bala, Gerardo Naranjo, Mexico
*Un Cuento Chino (Chinese Take-Away), Sebastián Borensztein, Argentina
Violeta se fue a los Cielos (Violeta), Andrés Wood, Chile

To check nominees in all categories go here.  Eva Hace will be the award host and let’s hope this year will be entertaining (I know every year I hope for the same, lol); award ceremony will be at 10:00pm Madrid time on February 19 and will be broadcast by TVE.

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