Friday, September 09, 2011

อยากรักก็รักเลย Yak Rak Kor Rak Loei (Yes or No)

Not often I have the opportunity to watch a Thai movie, much less a movie that could easily have the mainstream label as this film by Saratswadee Wongsomphet looks/feels very much for general audiences; as a matter of fact film style recalls many Japanese contemporary/entertainment cinema films that I have seen. You have to recall that the last Thai movie I saw was the Cannes Palm d’Or and gee these two Thai films are absolutely opposites in the cinema range. Sigh.

But this film is not mainstream cinema, is not art cinema and is not your regular entertainment movie because it has a lovely story about how confusing first-time love can be especially if you’re unsure about your sexuality no matter how you look in the outside. Yes, the story is about Kim and Pie, two girls that eventually –against society plus their own fears- will fall in love and even when some English reviews label film as the “so-called Thai lesbian film” well, I can assure you that film and story are with 100% lesbian interest (there is nothing “so-called”) and yes, is a very nice-to-watch film that will leave you with an uplifting feeling as has a happy ending –for a change.

Performances are not the best but somehow fit the characters they’re playing, so made me wonder if is not done on purpose but have no reference to really know; yet I know that movie first half made me laugh (which is not easy) and second half made me feel whatever the characters were feeling. So surely is not a bad movie as can absorb you into living/feeling whatever is happening.

As the West tends now to produce sophisticated lesbian themed films, the East can surprise us with very simple and refreshing lesbian themed movies; Yes or No absolutely was a surprise as everything about it is so simple that became very, very refreshing. If you enjoy lesbian interest films plus the dvd comes to your rental store do not hesitate to rent and watch it as I know that you’ll not be disappointed.


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