Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Day 8 – 68th Venice International Film Festival

Today three (3) films vie for the Golden Lion Hahithalfut (The Exchange) by Eran Kolirin, Quando La Notte by Cristina Comencini and Abel Ferrara’s 4:44 Last Day on Earth. Three very different movies, with different audience profiles but if I believe everything I have read in English –and La Mostra likes English speaking films- the race is on with two already screened films… hmm BUT since Aronofsky is the jury president and if I think about his movies as reference or inspiration, maybe the winner will be a not-very-conventional film like… (don’t know yet! Lol!).

In the Orizzonti section today there is a movie that many are talking (and joking) about, yes is the Yolande Zauberman’s Would you have sex with an Arab? So maybe you’ll like to check excerpts from the press conference that also includes comments about The Tracks of my Tears 2 by Axel Petersen.

Willem Defoe in 4:44 photocall

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