Friday, May 06, 2011

The Women of Cannes 2011

I was under the impression that there were many women directors in this year Cannes and somehow was worry that this year organizers went out of their way to select larger female representation; but once I did the math found that only 25% (41) of all directors (160) are women.

Maybe one fourth is a record for Cannes, or maybe not, but it’s amazing to find 41 female directors that will have their glory moment at 2011 Cannes.  Many of their films are absolutely must be seen for me as from photos/trailers -plus their previous work- definitively represent the kind of cinema that I enjoy.  Great!

Since I did the work, decided to post the list and with loud fanfares here are the Women Filmmakers of Cannes 2011 that I bet you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Main Competition (4 of 20 directors)
朱花の月Hanezu No Tsuki, Naomi Kawase, Japan
Polisse, Maïwenn, France
Sleeping Beauty, Julia Leigh, Australia
We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lynne Ramsay, UK

Out of Competition (1 of 9 directors)
The Beaver, Jodie Foster, USA

Special Screenings (4 of 16 directors)
Labrador (aka Out of Bounds), Frederikke Aspöck, Denmark
The Big Fix, Rebecca Tickell and Josh Tickell, USA, France and Germany (documentary)
Tamantashar Yom (18 Days), Mariam Abou Ouf, Kamla Abu Zikri,

Un Certain Regard (2 of 21 directors)
Trabalhar Cansa (Hard Labor), Juliana Rojas and Marco Dutra, Brazil
Wo Hallah La Wen? (Where Do We Go Now?), Nadine Labaki, Lebanon and France

Short Film (4 of 9 directors)
Cross (Cross-Country), Maryna Vroda, France and Ukraine, 14’
Ghost, Dahci Ma, Korea, 10’
Kjøttsår (Cold), Lisa Marie Gamlem, Norway, 11’
Paternal Womb, Megumi Tazaki, Japan, 15’

Cinéfondation (4 of 18 directors)
Al Martha Lauf (Martha Must Fly), Ma’ayan Rypp, Israel, 26’
Befetach Beity (On My Doorstep), Anat Costy, Israel, 6’
Duelo Antes da Noite (Duel Before Nightfall), Alice Furtado, Brazil, 20’
Ya-Gan-Bi-Hang (Fly By Night), Son Tae-gyum, South Korea, 21’

Quinzaine (7 of 24 directors)
La Fée, Fiona Gordon, Domique Abel and Bruno Romy, France and Belgium
Code Blue, Urzula Antoniak, Netherlands and Denmark
Corpo Celeste, Alice Rohrwacher, Italy, Switzerland, and France
En Ville (Iris in Bloom), Bertrand Schefer and Valérie Mréjen, France
Return, Liza Johnson, USA
Sur la Plance, Leila Kilani, Morocco, France and Germany
The Other Side of Sleep, Rebecca Daly, Netherlands, Hungary and Ireland

Quinzaine Special Screenings (3 of 5 directors)
El Velador, Natalia Almada, USA, Mexico and France
La Nuit elles dansent, Isabelle Lavigne and Stéphane Thibault, Canada

Quinzaine Short Films (3 of 14 directors)

Semaine (3 of 8 directors)
17 Filles, Delphine and Muriel Coulin, France
הנותנת Hanotenet (The Slut), Hagar Ben Asher, Israel and Germany

Semaine Special Screenings (3 of 6 directors)
La Guerre est déclarée, Valérie Donzelli, France
Pourquoi tu pleures?, Katia Lewcowicz, France
My Little Princess, Eva Ionesco, France

Semaine Short Films (3 of 10)
Black Moon, Amie Siegel, USA
Dimanches, Valérie Rosier, Belgium
Junior, Julia Ducournau, France

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