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Day 6 at Cannes 2011

I do the post quite early but have to post late to include the late night events. So that’s the reason why I decided to sometimes do preliminary posts that I’ll update as soon as press material from late night events become available.

Main Competition

Unlike many in the world, and from today screenings, the movie that I’m really looking forward to learn more about it is L’Apollonide – Souvenirs de la Maison Close (House of Tolerance) by Bertrand Bonello. I’m very curious about this film that absolutely is must be seen for me. Now more than before as according to some has “sublime contrasts, superb display of cinematographic talent” that of course describes my kind of favorite movies.

Photocall has not many photographers but everyone speaks French (lol!) and they’re going crazy with the all female young (except two) cast; the only man in the group is obviously Bonello. I’m familiar with only two of the actresses in the photocall but all look ravissant! All you can hear is: à droite, à gauche! Too short photocall that leaves you wanting more (ok, admit it, saw it twice, lol!).

Interview has more women (I think, with so many women is confusing); they’re talking a bit about the story, but this time I don’t care as there is too much to watch (lol!). Probably the only the two young actresses I’m familiar with are the ones that talk, surely others are newcomers. Well more talk, Céline Sallette has a very nice voice tone, perfect! Oh! good news, there are not many sex scenes, was not director main interest. Questions were not that interesting, but interview was okay.

At the press conference all are there but not at the table but the first row (pitty, lol!), still Bonello is the only man. Oh! know another (lol!), Jasmine Trinca as she was in several Nani Moretti films I have seen. Very promising if true “film impresses for the visuals, the cinematography” and she, the cinematographer, is also there. Unfortunately press conference not very interesting … should I stop watching? Camera goes to the first row, more interesting now. Okay, enough … got a bit crazy for me. Hope they have a red carpet video, as for unknown reasons not all films have the video. Oh! don't skip the red carpet video, fun to watch, especially "les petites bisous" (he, he), also there the male cast that includes Xavier Beauvois.

What many in the world were waiting was Terrence Malick’s The Three of Life and from early headlines seems that impressed some; but I know that so much buzz comes from director reluctance to give interviews and because in 38 years he has made only five films which creates great buzz, anticipation and mystery around a Malick release.

As expected lots of photographers yelling: Brad! Brad! Gosh is very noisy, of course Malick is NOT there. Now is Jessica! Jessica! But soon enough is Brad alone, still the screaming continues. If you watch video lower your volume. I’m so glad that video was short. Interview is only Brad and Jessica… so, probably was Malick at the photocall. Pitt is also a producer. Not surprising Sean Penn is not around as two top-stars together is a No, No; but surely we will see Sean later. “A legendary director”… Great very short interview too. By the way Brad is wearing glasses and yes, no photos without glasses.

After press conference presentation, presenter says: Conspicuous by Sean Penn and Malick absence, could someone explain? Ha, ha (that’s my sarcastic laugh). As expected many are very curious about Malick, the persona; other questions rotate around how was working with him. Is strange to see Pitt getting questions about someone that is more “popular” (at least in this stage) than him; surely not very comfortable for him, but I get the impression that he was expecting this situation. Oops! Did I hear right? and Pitt got called Depp??? (LOL!) Strange press conference worth watching not for film questions, but because is really odd. Still, when Pitt gets what he finds as a good question, he shows his very beautiful smile; he’s so beautiful that sometimes becomes not-pleasant to watch. About minute 23 there is a question about how movie ends -which is a huge spoiler- so my volume went to off, don’t know the answer so probably there were no spoilers, so listen at your risk, but Brad is smiling. Questions went back to Malick, the person. Volume to off again with Pitt answering question about how he got interested in playing the role. Gosh now I know film has dinosaurs… volume went off again. It’s over and many rush to table to get Brad’s autograph. Truly strange press conference.

Photos are starting to appear from red carpet and surprise, Sean Penn is there! Good, actually the red carpet is more appropriate for two big stars together. As expected lots of photos with Brad and Angelina. The red carpet video starts with Sean arriving and unfortunately first question is about Malick, starting to be too boring for me, just imagine for them! Jessica and same question. Will Brad get the same question? Lol! Luc Besson was involved with film (?!) and yes, gets a Malick question. Angelina Jolie comes to mic and gosh, gets a Malick question, too much. Nice touch from both Brad and Angelina to sign autographs. Maybe I’m totally biased but Johnny got more fans action than Pitt (lol!). Not possible, Brad gets a Malick question too… he’s smart and better return to sign autographs who will not ask him about Malick! Could Malick be there incognito? Ha, ha. Well, it is a possibility. Still the presenter keeps saying that he’s there and maybe will watch the movie… who knows and honestly who cares? Not me, I haven’t liked that much his films, but yes, have seen all. Brad comes back to look for Angelina, nice touch and unusual, but not totally unexpected as already saw the photos. She looks nice and healthy, hate when she looks like a cadaver/all bones… but she gets a welcome by Gilles and Thierry… hmm, big stars in la Croisette that have everybody waiting for entering the theater.

Un Certain Regard

With a name like Hors Satan I imagined that movie by Bruno Dumont was going to be something crazy but from trailers/synopsis I felt relief and got really interested in watching. First press and people comments tend to be positive in other languages that are not English.

I was very impressed with her first film, Caramel, and from videos seems that Nadine Labaki kept her storytelling style in today’s movie Wo Hallah La Wen? (Where Do We Go Now?) which is splendid as helps me to be assured that will enjoy opus #2. No matter what I know have to watch film because I really like to watch director/actress Labaki in the screen.

Cannes Classics

Watching this short film in a big screen must be an unique experience that surely not many will miss at Cannes as there are not many opportunities to watch film in the big screen, much less a restored colored version. I’m talking about 1902’s Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip to the Moon) by Georges Méliès, a film that was a milestone in cinematic history as Méliès experimented for the first time with what we now call “special effects”.

Today 1975’s Le Sauvage (The Savage) by Jean-Paul Rappeneau with the presence of the director and Catherine Deneuve! (hope to find great photos). Film also starred Yves Montand. Yes, have seen film several times, first a long time ago and recently on TV! Quite fun to watch.

Also today The Look by Angelica Maccarone a documentary about Charlotte Rampling who will present the film that could be interesting to watch because of the way it was conceived, eight areas where there is a conversation between Rampling and a close friend (all artists), each area has a different friend.

Cinéma de la Plage

Today 1954’s Mutiny on the Caine by Edward Dmytryk that I saw a long/long time ago but still remember as starred none other than Humphrey Bogart.


Three films. First Busong by Auraeus Solito a film that’s being considered for the Queer Palm. Strangely enough I have seen almost all Solito’s films that always have something in the story that surprises me, so I know that eventually will watch this film.

Second, The Island by Kamen Kalev that yes I’m interested in watching even if I haven’t been able to watch his first film Eastern Plays.

Last, Impardonnables (Unforgivable) by André Téchiné. Absolutely must be seen for me, is Téchiné!


Today is the screening of the film that celebrates the 50th anniversary of this parallel section which absolutely is must be seen for me not only because is a French film but mainly because the star is none other than Isabelle Huppert. I’m talking about Eva Ionesco’s My Little Princess that I’m sure will not be easy to watch because story, but will be very easy to watch because Huppert.

Also, Snowtown by Justin Kurzel that surely will be hard-to-watch as deals about Australia’s most notorious serial killer. Film is being considered for the Camera d’Or.

Last the second group of short films in competition, Alexis Ivanovitch vous etes mon heros by Guillaume Gouix, Boy by Topaz Adizes, Sunday S by Valéry Rosier, Junior by Julia Docournau, and Black Moon by Amie Siegel.


Today Rives (Day) by Armel Hostiou that wonder if will watch even when is a French movie; before the screening the short film Pandore by Virgil Vernier


Today Europe celebrates 20 years of the Media program that finances many films, including 12 Palme d’Or recipients. If you like good European cinema I’m sure that you’re very familiar with the Media logo that always appear at film beginning and/or end of credits. The European Commissioner for Culture plus 20 European directors had a conference this afternoon with a panel discussion on the question of “How to involve the public and grow demand?”

I’m torn, but will share that surely will watch Michael by Markus Schleinzer as can’t forget that he was Michael Haneke collaborator and something surely he learned from him… like the following so I did copy and paste: “Throughout the film, Schleinzer plays on his audience’s expectations, leading them down false paths and littering clues about the context of the crime and its implications on the life of the main character. He is not presented as a particularly monstrous or friendly man, but the audience is kept distanced from his intentions, which are slowly and skillfully revealed until the astonishing conclusion.”

Weinstein Co. continues their buying spree with a period film “The Wettest County in the World” starring Shia LaBeouf.

Okay these are seriously good news, a new vampire will go into production next year, will be directed by Jim Jarmusch and the stars are: Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender and Mia Wasikowska! Great cast, hope doesn’t change when production starts.


Hundreds of photos about the Malick’s movie red carpet, including some of Gwen Stefani, Zoe Saldana, Elsa Zylberstein, Rob Lowe, Sara Forestier and everyone that is in Cannes as theater was packed with everyone that wants to be the first in the world (after the press) to watch Malick’s movie or just to walk the red carpet that surely had photographers from all over the world as Brad and Angelina had to do the marches.

Nice photos have started to appear for Isabelle Huppert and Eva Ionesco but are of the restricted rights kind, let see if can find one I can publish here.

Last night was the Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Wayne Wang party and one of the reasons why Bingbing Li has been in all major red carpets with the most beautiful dresses or was Fan Bingbing? –hmm confusing (lol!). Film also stars Vivian Wu (remember Saving Face?) and Hugh Jackman but seems they’re not at Cannes, shame. Who was there was Rupert Murdoch (??!!) but also Rob Lowe in a marvelous photo with Bingbing. Movie and story seems interesting.

As of today Jodie Foster is in Cannes. Yes there are photos with her arriving at the airport, she looks tired.

Today Photos

L'Apollinide Photocall

Malick's movie red carpet

My Little Princess director and cast, yes is Isabelle Huppert!

Two in one photo

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