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Day 3 at Cannes 2011

As many of us know since yesterday Blogger has been not working right until they went into “read-only” mode meaning that we can see the blog but I can’t write in it. This morning post of Day 2 disappeared as well as all the clips I posted yesterday at the trailer site. So sorry but well if you’re reading this is because Blogger went back to normal.

Main Competition

The day started with an early morning screening of Habemus Papam by Nanni Moretti. This is a movie that I’m looking forward to watch as since his movie Il Caimano about Berlusconi, he has been sort of “lying low”; now he’s going after another institution and his portrait no matter if is bland/direct/whatever is one I can’t skip. Photocall, interview and press conference are somehow less entertaining; watch only if you would like to see Michel Piccoli, Nanni Moretti and/or Margherita Buy. Ditto for the red carpet but you will see how the French people love Piccoli and is well-deserved as he has had such a long/good career with so many outstanding films. Surely I’m biased, but somehow enjoy more to hear French and Italian than English (lol!). Come on, this is Cannes, not Hollywood! Only two women among many men in dark suits, yep they look like pinguins.

Most awaited by French press Polisse by Maïwenn, also would like to see this film as based on her previous films is hard to imagine why her film is nominated for a Palm d’Or. Still from headlines that started to appear yesterday, seems that film is totally different to what she used to do and that she did a “giant leap ahead” with this film. Film is competing for the Camera d’Or. As I also got the same impression from trailers/clips I’m sharing what some are saying after watching: “seems like a TV pilot”.

Polisse photocall has many members of the large movie cast, many known to me, but surprisingly there are not many photographers, I imagine that most –if not all- are photographers from French press. Finally for a second Maïwenn is alone but now is with only the men… yes, all are screaming: ici, Maïwenn! lol! In the interview there are 13 people, the same as in the photocall, that’s huge. The interview is perfect, no translator that interrupts flow if you watch it in French (lol!). The best is that only the women are interviewed, he, he.

Polisse press conference also has many people, more as the producers are there. Should comment that all of them are dressed in black except Maïwenn that’s wearing a nice blue dress, surely was done on purpose. I know this film has a not-easy-to-talk story, but I believe she handled herself well. Unfortunately press members have seen the movie and are doing specific questions so I’m going to stop watching. Ah! just in case you haven’t figure it out, the movie name is how a child may write police and yes is misspelled in French. Can’t wait for the red carpet but will be late tonight.

There is a photo that I have to find from the red carpet that I’m sure will be lovely. Not surprising but French media went crazy today with lots of Cannes coverage and calling Maïwenn, Queen Maïwenn. Tonight she’s wearing blue again and the mood is very informal before they start to walk the red carpet. Marina Fois looks great, elegant. Maïwenn moved to tears, that’s emotional and yes, unexpected but charming. Nice, very nice, so different to the other red carpets that have happened until now, very French. Voilà c’est tout pour aujoud’hui.

Out of Competition/Special Screenings

Late afternoon will be the screening of Labrador (Out of Bounds) by Frederikke Aspöck a drama that probably will eventually end-up watching as yes in general I like Danish cinema. First film so competes for the Camera d’Or.

Midnight Screenings

The first of the two films is screened today Wu Xia by Peter Ho-Sun Chan that finally yesterday was able to watch scenes and seems interesting; but after my not-so-positive experience with 13 Assassins I’m back to not watching martial arts movies until I find a reliable source that gives me an idea if I should watch or not a specific movie.

Un Certain Regard

Three movies today. The first is Toomelah by Ivan Sen that I’m sure will skip as is not my kind of movie unless I’m totally wrong; but after trying without success to watch the famous similar themed movie I’m staying away from similar movies.

The second is by Gerardo Naranjo, a director that mesmerizes me but his style scares me; still I have watched all his previous movies and Miss Bala won’t be an exception. This is a movie that you have to find the right time and mind set to watch, if you find it then the ride is exceptional for sure.

Third a movie that absolutely is Must Be Seen for me as I watch everything by Kim Ki-Duk and this crazy movie, Arirang, seems that’s going to be a special ride into the life of the director. The wait will be hard to endure.

Cannes Classics

Two movies that are worth watching. First a documentary by Catherine Cadou about none other than Akira Kurosawa, Kurosawa, la voie (Kurosawa’s Way) a tribute to the most famous Japanese master filmmaker with 11 interviews to filmmakers around the world, including Julie Taymor, Clint Eastwood, Martin Scorsese, John Woo and more.

The second I have seen it as film is by none other than Rainer Werner Fassbinder  1978 film Despair and if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for? Outstanding Dick Borgarde is here.

Cinéma de la Plage

Today another must be seen movie for those that haven’t seen it yet, 1981 Das Boot: Director’s Cut by Wolfgang Petersen. A veritable saga with 3 hours 36 minutes, most spent inside the claustrophobic space of a German submarine.


Today three movies. In the morning The Other Side of Sleep (competing for the Camera d’Or) by Rebecca Daly with an interesting story and the indispensable slow-pace to tell it; definitively will watch.

Late morning Jeanne Captive by Philippe Ramos that I’m not sure can take another look at Jeanne d’Arc; still because the cast probably will watch. Then check this from twitter: “Commence comme un film historique pour se terminer en errance panthéiste” … ok, I’m interested. (got very long applause from the audience).

Early afternoon the movie I’m very curious about Eldfjall (Volcano) by Rúnar Rúnarsson which also competes for the Camera d’Or.

At the Quinzaine official site you can watch some new videos with the opening ceremony and the presentation of the Carrosse d’Or to Jafar Panahi with words by Agnes Varda. It’s not a glamorous ceremony but what is said should be listening by everyone in the world. Also there an inconsequential video of the party.


Las Acacias by Pablo Giorgelli a film that not I’m not sure will like to watch is screened today.

Other Activities

Today was the Heroine photocall and Aish looks very good, let's see if I can find a good photo without her colleagues in it.

Today was announced that a movie that is absolutely must be seen for me has been purchased, ie has a distributor for USA market and film is none other than The Iron Lady with Meryl Streep. If you don’t know, film is the biopic of Margaret Thatcher and yes Meryl plays her.

Remember that I told you about the pinup exhibition? There is a virtual exhibition on line that if you wish can watch here.


As a headline says: “women grab Cannes spotlight with disturbing tales” hmm, what do they mean? Only men can do disturbing stories? Women invaded men territory? What? Okay if you read further: “Female directors, famously shut out of the Cannes film festival's main competition in 2010, dominated the opening of this year's event with dark tales of murder, prostitution, rape and suicide.” Ah! and if you read more, a female film professor from Columbia University says that “the increased number of female directors in Cannes reflects a growing trend” that started with “Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar win and Lisa Cholodenko’s critical and commercial success" with the unnamable movie. Ugh! The worst, article is a Reuters dispatch so these terrible comments will be all over the world very soon.

The Not-So-Serious News

Last night was the Calvin Klein party and if you browse the net you will find many Hollywood actors that attended the party and that you wonder why are they in Cannes. One of them is Vanessa Hudgens. Also there Diane Kruger with her partner Joshua Jackson who “stole the limelight” (lol! – oh gosh what gossipy reporters write, so funny); the couple was also at the L’Oreal Live party and there is a very good photo of the two, indeed, is an excellent photo. Finally I learned what Diane is doing at Cannes, she's promoting her film "Forces Spéciales" with none other than Benoit Magimel.

Besides cinema related news, do you have an idea of what other news generate high amount of reports? If you said fashion you’re right. Yes my friends Cannes is also a fashion event like no other in the world; that’s why Chanel, Calvin Klein, Dior, etc. have parties and some, fashion shows! Not only is a fashion showcase but women attending the events are haute couture buyers and I’m not referring to actresses, but the other women that you probably don’t even know their names unless you read fashion or gossipy magazines dedicated to royalty and the rich. Business, business, Cannes is fun but everything is business oriented.

Extremely scandalous, read with caution… he, he, just kidding but this is a copy and paste from the UK Guardian: “If you think about it, it had to happen. Sex and 3D, I mean. The unambiguously titled 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme 3D Ecstasy, is touting for trade (if you'll excuse the expression) at Cannes, with all and sundry invited to a party promising "Actresses' Appearance!!!" [sic]”.

Gossip says that Carla Bruni didn’t do the red carpet because she’s pregnant, Marion Cotillard didn’t go because she’s pregnant; today I learn that Charlotte Gainsbourg is also pregnant, but she will walk Melancholia red carpet. Hmm there must be something in the water, so many pregnant actresses.

Photos of the Day

Still looking for photos but here are some.  The first is Cheryl Cole that I have NO idea who she is, but photo is spectacular, very similar to many taken years ago at Cannes.

Next is Maïwenn this morning at the photocall.

Aish at Heroine photocall

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