Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cold Movie Bits

I thought that was my terrible cold what didn’t allowed me to enjoy the movies, surely does not help but also most are not really interesting. So here are some movie bits.

Four Lions by Christopher Morris – Dark UK comedy that was hilarious at moments, but playing with humor while telling a Muslim terrorist’s story was too much for me in the not positive way. Sigh.

Kaboom by Gregg Araki. Story and film are too bizarre for my taste plus visuals are not interesting; yes, the first 2010 Cannes Queer Palm winner is labeled as a Sci Fi comedy but I couldn’t understand the kind of humor or well, is definitively not my kind of humor. Perhaps has more lesbian than gay interest but as expected in a Sci fi film is not definitely what lesbian interest audiences are used to watch. I watched until the end when the Earth goes Kaboom, still I believe I fall asleep several times, lol! If you skip it won’t miss much. Sigh.

Made in Dagenham by Nigel Cole. What surely is an interesting story about UK Ford’s female workers strike to ask for equal pay becomes uneven and uninteresting thanks to a script that unsuccessfully tried to tell too much –especially sentimental personal stories- plus a director not disciplined enough to maintain story focus on the great achievement these women accomplished for UK and the rest of the world. Usually enjoy Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins performances but here they tend to be dull. If you skip it you won’t miss much, but story is one that we should know. Enjoy!

Tron: Legacy by Joseph Kosinski. Still recall first installment and wanted to watch for the special effects but story was not interesting and special effects were also not interesting. Still young Jeff Bridges looks like in Starman, which I imagine is where they got the idea to do the special effects. Boring, very boring. Sigh.

Waste Land by Lucy Walker, Karen Harley and João Jardim. Very interesting documentary for highlighting the transformative power of art and the beauty of the human spirit; but is excellent food for thought for life in city landfills dwellers that live out of garbage. Do not miss it, highly recommend it. Enjoy!!!

So this is it, probably forgot a few ones, but these are the ones I recall. Sigh.

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