Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Elena Undone

After watching so many bad lesbian interest films lately this film came as a huge refreshing oasis that made me think about the time when mostly all films were like this one and wonder why filmmakers have abandoned the style as surely this is the kind of film that will please many genre regular viewers. It’s not a flawless movie and story if you analyze it is not on the positive side, but the good news is that you will not have time to analyze anything in this movie as romance will grab your attention to hold it until the very end. Film has a nice romance between two attractive actresses that perform very acceptable and one of the characters, Elena, really transforms herself as story unravels.

Film tells the story of how Elena meets Peyton and how against all sort of complications (Elena is married to a pastor) their true love prevails. All right there are some silly moments but all are related to the love guru that unfortunately narrates many moments of film sounding more like a preacher than a narrator. But who cares when love story is interesting and performances are adequate? Not me.

From all Nicole Conn movies this is her best work by far and now I’m really interested in her next film A Perfect Ending that I hope will keep this film style even when will be a comedy of errors.

I’m sure that if you don’t expect much from film you will be able to enjoy the love voyage in this film that I strongly recommend to all that enjoy the lesbian interest genre.

This is a film that will go directly to my collection!


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