Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very Last Minute Oscar Nominations Predictions

Just checked and is UP! Expect post soon.

Nominations are not up yet, but can't believe I guessed the 10 movies right!! LOL! I'm SOOOOO glad Javier Bardem got a nod!!! Deep inside me I'm VERY glad that Nolan didn't make it to Best Director (didn't enjoyed much film) and well, Russell got in. Also got right the actress (GREAT!) and now we know Hailee got a supporting nod (she should WIN the Oscar) and I'm glad that Hawkes got a nod, which gives Winter's Bone three top nominations - very good! Will wait for nods to be at site to do post!


My crystal ball says the following.

Best Film
The Social Network
The King’s Speech
Black Swan
The Fighter
True Grit
Toy Story 3
The Kids Are All Right
127 Hours
Winter’s Bone

Another possible film is The Town, but there are no more slots, so if makes it, maybe one of the last two will be out.

Best Director
David Fincher for The Social Network
Darren Aronofsy for Black Swan
Tom Hooper for The King’s Speech
Christopher Nolan for Inception
Joel & Ethan Coen for True Grit

To be honest I prefer Debra Granik to Nolan but is almost impossible that Granik gets a nod; if she does will be a HUGE and very pleasant surprise. Coen Brothers are not a sure thing as David O. Russell could get in the fifth and last slot.

Best Actress
Natalie Portman in Black Swan
Annette Bening in The Kids Are All Right
Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone
Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole
Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine

I’m so glad that tomorrow we will know who gets nominated as this category has so many good performances that makes guessing quite difficult. The last slot is the one more vulnerable and I didn’t included Hailee Steinfeld as she’s being promoted to the supporting role where she has better winning odds. Still, I insist that she deserves a nomination as lead actress (got one in BAFTA) and I really hope she gets one.

Best Supporting Actress
Helena Bonham Carter in The King’s Speech
Melissa Leo in The Fighter

This category is not easy and my crystal ball has full blur; but will Hailee Steinfeld land here? I don’t know. Will Jacki Weaver? Who knows. Will Amy Adams get a nod? Will Mila Kunis or Barbara Hershey make it? Big mystery besides the two I’m sure will get nominated.

Best Actor
Colin Firth in The King’s Speech
Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network
Jeff Bridges in True Grit
James Franco in 127 Hours
Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine

The last slot is the most vulnerable and deep inside I wish that the name will be: Javier Bardem in Biutiful, let’s hope my wish becomes true.

Best Supporting Actor
Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech
Christian Bale in The Fighter
Andrew Garfield for The Social Network
Mark Ruffalo in The Kids Are All Right
Jeremy Renner in The Town

Last slot is the most vulnerable and the likes of John Hawkes, Sam Rockwell and sentimental choices like Michael Douglas or Pete Postlethwaite could make it.

Won’t try to guess the other categories but for the first time will guess winners at the last and final prediction of Oscar winners. We don’t have to wait much as nominations are tomorrow and then we will be playing the winners game.


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