Saturday, January 01, 2011


Looking for an entertaining moment watched this Disney film that has a structure that definitively will please general (and family) audiences as story is well balanced between the horse and the owner story. But also I was really curious about Diane Lane performance that got early award season buzz.

Film tells the story of amazing Secretariat the fastest horse in American history and owner of the unbeaten record of winning the Triple Crown in 1973; but also tells the story of unbeatable Penny Chenery, the housewife that after her mother dies and due to her father illness assumes the responsibility of their horse breeder ranch. Most interesting is how Mrs. Cheney successfully navigates the male-dominated business but even if you know that the horse is going to win, races are quite exciting to watch.

Yes, Penny Chenery is a strong female role that Diane Lane performs very well but I really doubt that’s Oscar material. With a funny and odd role of Lucien Laurin, the horse trainer, we have here John Malkovich that’s always a pleasure to watch how he peculiarly develops his characters. The third lead actor is the beautiful horse with impressive eye close-ups that you want to believe he’s telling you something, very nice.

Won’t get into if is true or not to real events as this is Disney and I imagine that took many creative licenses to make story and film entertaining and in my opinion they succeeded as film is very entertaining.

If you’re in the mood of watching a classic family entertaining movie then be assured that watching this movie will entertain you and leave you with a “feel good” feeling for a long while.


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