Monday, January 10, 2011


Had to watch this movie because Hilary Swank performance but honestly after watching trailer I was not expecting much from film as to me looked more like a movie made for television than for the big screen and unfortunately I was right. This doesn’t mean that story is not compelling; it is a good story that I just have to imagine what would look like in the hands of a more experienced director and better storyteller.

Another concern I had was related to actor Sam Rockwell that I really don’t enjoy his performances. But have to admit that this is about the first time that I didn’t dislike him; he was well casted for the part and gave a good credible performance. Other actors like Melissa Leo and Juliette Lewis had well performed short parts, but Minnie Driver was really one-dimensional and had a forgettable performance.

The movie was a good vehicle for Hilary Swank to show her great acting skills and she does but a not so good screenplay in the hands of an inexperienced director didn’t allowed her to save the movie and make it a great film for the big screen. Besides she is started to be type casted in very similar roles which makes easier to compare one performance to another and in this case the comparison doesn’t favor her. Still, is a good performance but not better than other performances in great movies that she has done. One thing I’m sure, this is not an Oscar worthy performance.

Movie tells the compelling story of a murder wrongfully convicted man and her sister that against all odds and with many sacrifices puts herself through law school, becomes an attorney, proves his innocence with the help of the Innocence Project, an organization devoted to overturning wrongful convictions, and brother is liberated after 18 years, or so, of being in prison. Story really had material to make this movie worthy of the big screen, but believe was rushed trying to tell so many things while forgetting to “move” viewers. Emotions just came at climax when brother is liberated, but then it was too late to make film remarkable.

It’s a worthy story that many should watch but I suggest that the best way to watch story is in your own TV where you watch all made for television movies.


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