Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Academy Awards Nominations – Ranking

As I like to play with numbers here is a tally of what the nominations tells us about films and how many nods each got. List is in alphabetical order according to the rank each film achieved.


As expected the top ten films with most nominations are the ten nominated movies for the Best Picture category; but what’s interesting is the ranking that suggests how ‘likeable’ film was for academy members. The ‘likeable’ index tells us that IF Best Picture category had only five slots (as was before) nominated films will probably have been the top five: The King’s Speech, True Grit, Inception, The Social Network and The Fighter.

IF the number of honors each film got could tell us how much ‘likeable’ each film was for Academy members, then those Guilds/groups with the most members could be voting for the film as their most ‘likeable’; consequently, it is possible that race for the top award could be between: The King’s Speech, The Social Network AND True Grit. Race has become a bit more interesting for me.

Now who wins in each of the upcoming awards becomes key to not only predict winners in each category but also probable winner in the top award.

Here is the Ranking.

The King’s Speech – 12 (Actor leading role, actress supporting role, actor supporting role, art direction, cinematography, costume design, directing, film editing, original score, sound mixing, original screenplay, Best Picture)

True Grit – 10 (Actress supporting role, actor leading role, art direction, cinematography, costume design, directing, sound editing, sound mixing, adapted screenplay, Best Picture)

Inception – 8 (Art direction, cinematography, original score, sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects, original screenplay, and Best Picture)
The Social Network – 8 (Actor leading role, cinematography, directing, film editing, original score, sound mixing, adapted screenplay, Best Picture)

The Fighter – 7 (Actor supporting role, actress supporting role-2-, directing, film editing, original screenplay, Best Picture)

127 Hours – 6 (Actor leading role, film editing, original score, original song, adapted screenplay, Best Picture)

Black Swan – 5 (Actress Leading role, cinematography, directing, Film editing, Best Picture)
Toy Story 3 – 5 (Original song, sound editing, adapted screenplay, animated feature, Best Picture)

The Kids Are All Right – 4 (Actress leading role, actor supporting role, original screenplay, Best Picture)
Winter’s Bone – 4 (Actress leading role, actor supporting role, adapted screenplay, Best Picture)

Alice in Wonderland – 3 (Art direction, Costume design, Visual effects)

Biutiful – 2 (Actor leading role, Foreign Language)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – 2 (Art direction, visual effects)

Animal Kingdom – 1 (Actress supporting role)
Another Year – 1 (Original screenplay
Barney’s Version – 1 (Makeup)
Blue Valentine – 1 (Actress leading role)
Country Strong – 1 (Original song)
Dogtooth – 1 (Foreign Language)
Gasland – 1 (Documentary Feature)
How to Train Your Dragon – 2 (Animated feature, original score)
I Am Love – 1 (Costume design)
The Illusionist – 1 (Animated feature)
In a Better World – 1 (Foreign Language)
Incendies – 1 (Foreign Language)
Inside Job – 1 (Documentary feature)
Iron Man 2 – 1 (Visual Effects)
Outside the Law – 1 (Foreign language)
Rabbit Hole – 1 (Actress leading role)
Restrepo – 1 (Documentary Feature)
Salt – 1 (Sound mixing)
Tangled – 1 (Original song)
The Tempest – 1 (Costume design)
The Town – 1 (Actor supporting role)
Unstoppable – 1 (Sound editing)
Waste Land – 1 (Documentary feature)
The Way Back – 1 (Makeup)
The Wolfman – 1 (Makeup)

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