Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1st French Online Film Festival - News

Hope that none of you had problems loading or watching films at the festival; I still have one short that doesn’t load to be over with shorts and been watching feature films slowly as probably due to slow servers films do not load smoothly, so I’m waiting for them to fix the bugs so watching films will be more pleasurable.

Most problems come from the success the festival has been having as of last night and after five days, preliminary statistics are truly impressive, take a look.

110,000 visits to the site
520,000 pages views (which means that as an average, each visit generated 5 page views)
159 different countries

Country Visits Ranking
Brazil: 16,000
Russia: 15,000
France: 11,000
Mexico: 9,300
USA: 7,500
UK: 5,000
UAE: 4,600
Germany: 4,300
Italy: 4,000
Japan: 4,000

Tech problems are common when you do things for the first time but organizers are continuously working to solve them, so is totally understandable that fest first week had some bugs.

Hope you’re enjoying as much as I am the festival and expect reviews of feature and short films as soon as fest is over.

If you haven’t check the festival site, what are you waiting for? Please go here.


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