Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1st My French Online Film Festival News

To close the year the first French Online Film Festival released the news that the site will be open on January 3rd and the direct link to the site is here, so after the holidays we will be able to check how the first world wide VOD fest site is going to look.

To promote the festival organizers have also released three posters that are available in several languages but for our purposes I have included the English version. Take a look at the posters and please be so kind as to give me and the fest some feedback.

Also here is the official trailer.

I’m really looking forward to this festival that hope becomes a huge success so many more will start to happen for the benefit of us, cinema lovers, that understand film distribution has changed, is changing and will continue to change thanks to online streaming that gives us access to films that never will come to a theater, a video store, a rental store and/or any other of the traditional distribution outlets of films or DVD’s, near us.

But most of all, I’m really glad that the first festival is a French films festival as you know how much I love French cinema.

To check films that will be screened go to the post here.


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