Friday, November 12, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow

Have to comment about the enormous and who knows if successful (we will find out when movie is released) marketing effort for Paltrow's latest film Country Song. I don't know if you have catch some of the glitz and buzz, but started with the CMA's (Country Music Awards) and next week continues with her appearance in TV series, Glee.

Don't know about you but I know since a long time ago (remember her father Bruce Paltrow's 2000 film Duets?) that she can sing and have seen that she haven't pursued singing as a career even if she could. So now she's singing all over the net, American TV and who knows where else too. That's marketing as obviously (at least for me) she's promoting her film and not "starting" a singing career. But truth is that you never know... or we will know after her film is released.

Anyway, I tried to watch her at the CMA's but fall asleep (Country music is not my thing) but saw the clip the day after and she was okay. But today I saw the Glee clip and surely because the type of song/music I was taken aback as she can really sing! LOL! Maybe some of you would like to watch the Glee clip that follows and to keep post movie oriented, the film trailer for her film follows.

Glee clip

Country Song Trailer

Well, just for reference here is her in Duets.

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