Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Nacidas para Sufrir (Born to Suffer)

From the Made in Spain section of 2010 San Sebastian fest and 2010 Berlinale a film with a story that I’m sure is not as easy as obvious narrative tells plus good performances by an all female cast with the most puzzling characters that maybe are like “this” or maybe not. This Miguel Albaladejo film was a nice surprise as I enjoyed much more than what I imagined especially because the awful movie name, but be sure that this dramedy is not about suffering at all.

In an unusual turn I’m going to spoil the story for you, why? Because I’ll tell the obvious storyline and when you watch it will be up to you to figure out if there are other meanings to the story or not. Film tells about elderly Flora that after her sister death is afraid her nieces will send her to a nursery home when she wants to stay at her home doing the chores she has always done. So she figures out that the best way to retain her independence is to marry her younger servant, Purita, and the first gay/lesbian marriage happens in the most traditional, typical and stereotyped little village of Spain.

That’s the story that many talk about the tragicomic exploitation situation where Flora dominates and Purita is the slave, but then you’ll find enough clues about Purita’s and Flora’s past to start to guess that maybe these two women were just hiding -with a very elaborated plan- the obvious attraction between both women. No matter what you believe you have seen in the story, I’m sure that you will enjoy the movie with all the plot twists and good performances by the two lead actresses playing Flora and Purita.

As a film is like a borderline of auteur and commercial cinema and I believe what makes it not only mainstream is the dark, very-dark, storytelling narrative technique that know many will enjoy beyond the obvious storyline.

I’m not sure if I should call this film with lesbian interest as definitively is not the usual film in the genre, plus it will be up to the viewer to elucidate the interpretation that pleases you most; nevertheless this is a film about women and how they interact with each other in adverse surrounding situations and as such definitively I do recommend the film.

I was positively surprised by the dark story, the good performances and the story versatility with as many interpretations as you wish to find.


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