Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sveti Georgije ubiva azdahu (St. George Shoots the Dragon)

In what has become an insurmountable quest to watch all the movies I couldn’t watch during the last year I took a tiny step and watched the Serbian submission to 2010 Oscars. It’s an epic film and tale based on a successful stage play and tells in the central story about a love triangle between two soldiers and the woman they love. But the love story is the excuse to tell what some says is a true story and others that’s not, about sending crippled troops to the front.

Set between two wars, the end of the First Balkan War and the beginning of WWI, tells the story of how Dorde saved Gavrilo life in the first war when he tried to kill himself after losing his arm plus all that evolves when they return to their village to the woman they both love and one is married to. But easily you will notice that the village is divided between those inhabitants that are healthy and the segregated crippled soldiers from the war and that’s basically the dynamic of the story that also is transferred to the love triangle.

Maybe is an interesting story told in a epic way but I couldn’t find much more than that in this film that in my opinion does not well represent East European cinema as seems like is trying too hard to –unsuccessfully- resemble Hollywood movies which is really a shame as I have seen many excellent East European films and unfortunately this one is less than average. Still I watched the entire movie trying to understand why this film was submitted to the Oscars and  to end, my conclusion is that I have no idea.


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