Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sex in the City 2

Needed some time to relax so gave this movie a try. Love the beginning, the wedding was really nice and fun to watch; after became too serious for being a story from this franchise and maybe as Carrie's flop book talk about something she was unfamiliar, writers have a hard time to write about the girls when they aren't single anymore. The movie is uneven and I didn't enjoyed their time in UAE at all as felt it was disrespectful to country traditions.

In general the movie tells about the girls dealing with married life, motherhood and the only single left, with menopause. By the way maybe it was only me but two actresses look really older, especially when they have close-ups.

Won't invest more words on this movie that some like it and many didn't. Do I recommend it? Not really, but the gay wedding is so good that I do recommend watching the beginning, after the wedding is over stop don't watch anymore.


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