Thursday, September 02, 2010

Day 2 @ 67th Venice International Film Festival

The first full day at Venice has the premiere of my most awaited film in La Mostra plus one French film that's must be seen for me. Also very puzzling Italian films that hope eventually could watch.

In Competition

Miral by Julian Schnabel (yes this is the one and from headlines I'm preparing lots of tissues as seems could be a tear-full film about a woman played by none other than excellent Hiam Abbass - ah! will be counting the days).
Noruwei No Mori ノルウェイの森 (Norwegian Wood) by Anh Hung Tran (could be visually outstanding)
La Pecora Nera, Ascanio Celestini, Italy

Out of Competition
Wanda by Barbara Loden
The Last Movie by Dennis Hopper, 1971
Yongxin Tiao (Showtime) Stanley Kwan, China (with Tony Leung Ka Fai plus story seems interesting)

Controcampo Italiano
Se Hai Una Montagna di Neve, Tienila All'Ombra by Elisabeetta Sgarbi (Out of Competiton)

Opening Film: La Belle Endormie, Catherine Breillat, France (yes, must be seen for me)
Guest by Jose Luis Guerin, Spain (documentary by extraordinary En la Ciudad de Sylvia and Unas Fotos de la Ciudad de Sylvia filmmaker - have to watch this doc)
Non si Puo Nulla Contro il Vento by Flatfom, Italy (short film)
Nok Ka Mhin (Four Seasons) by Chaisiri Jiwarangsan, Thailand (short film)

Il commissario Lo Gatto by Dino Risi, 1986
La Lepre e la Tartaruga, by Alessandro Blasetti, 1962 (episode from Le Quattro Verita) - (with Monica Vitti, Sylvia Koscina and Rossano Brazzi - wow! - think haven't seen this one...)
Non ti Pago! by Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia, 1942
Un Giorno in Pretura by Stefano Vanzina, 1954 (episode)
Lo Scatenato by Franco Indovina, 1967 (with Vittorio Gassman)

Venice Days
L'Amore Buio (Dark Love) Antonio Capuano, Italy (with Valeria Golino)

International Critic's Week
Opening Film: Notte Italiana, Carlo Mazzacurati, Italia, 1987

There are some movie reprises that I'm not listing as some of you may remember that the daily list tells about the movies screened but most important about my impressions about each film as well as indentifies those that are must be seen for me.


Unfortunately today won't be able to spread the news because have to continue unpacking; but when I get tired maybe I'll share some news with you all. Check facebook and/or twitter for some 'interesting' news I have already published.

Thanks for visiting and hope tomorrow I could be back to more normal posting.

Today's Photo

Fabulous photo from Guardian UK showing a great couple of contemporary filmmakers. Nah! I just like the photo better than all those that populate the net.

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