Wednesday, August 18, 2010


When the movie started I thought I was watching a Bond film with the only difference that Pierce Brosnan was not there and instead I was watching a barely dressed Angelina Jolie! So blond Jolie (don't like her blond and still doubt she could do Marilyn Monroe) does lots of action moves -that absolutely suits her perfectly- while we the audience stay wondering which side her loyalty resides. At the end I got the unsatisfying sensation that this film was more like a pilot for a TV series that nowadays almost look like big screen films.

But watching Angelina Jolie when she's not too skinny, like here, is always a pleasure that I can't miss and didn't. My problem was with the story that was (badly) rewritten for a female lead after none other than Tom Cruise was out of the project. Still there is lots of action and somehow I liked not knowing her side, that is until I saw her doing the spider thing that totally gave away her true loyalty and the story became less interesting.

Tells the story of Evelyn Salt a CIA agent that may or may not be a Russian spy as she was part of a Soviet Union old project that trained little kids to become "sleepers" while reaching adulthood and becoming successful professionals in key/strategic positions. When a Russian defector accuses her of being a Russian spy everything unravels and for the rest of the story is action , rest a few minutes, action, rest, and the same until the movie finally ends.

I know that Salt is not a video game character but might as well be the next video game and why not, the next TV series where she does all the follow-up to the SO predictable end. Summer action flicks are always not my favorites, but once in a while, one becomes the exception. Unfortunately this is not the case with Salt that again is worth watching ONLY to kill some time and IF you have to watch everything with Jolie.


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