Monday, August 16, 2010


For many regular blog readers is no surprise that I had to watch this movie because I watch everything that Aishwarya Rai does, but what maybe could be a surprise is that I liked this movie a lot that I even forgot that I was watching Aish and absolutely saw her character in this film that not only is visually spectacular but also tells a compelling story and, for a change, I enjoyed Abhishek Bachchan performance which I haven't since Guru.

This Mani Ratnam film is a remake of a 1984 film that I haven't seen, so I can't make comparisons to the original and probably helped me to get so involved with the story in this not so traditional Bollywood movie (but more traditional than Kites, for example) as even when there are songs and dances, the last seem to be more seamless integrated into the narrative which makes it more enjoyable.

Unfortunately I believe I watched a shorter version as I was expecting the regular 3 hours film and to my disappointment was only a little over two hours. Disappointment because wanted to watch more as Raavan is one of the few Bollywood movies that makes me feel all kind of emotions and absolutely stimulated my all senses.

At the beginning I started to think that I was about to watch the Bollywood version of a mad Robin Hood but soon enough noticed that was not the case. This is a strong love story between a man, Beera Munda (Abhishek), and a woman, Ragini (Aish) that happens to be a story told so many times that's not easy to believe that could be told different. How many times have we seen the story where the kidnapped falls for the abductor? Many, but never like this story and with a style that is not totally Bollywood and definitively not Hollywood, but more international cinema. Is told with a little bit of madness, some mythology, lots of action, spectacular jungle scenarios, some foggy and darkish scenes, and a few scenes with special lenses that were outstanding!

Yes this is what some call a "crossover" film that definitively is appealing to wider international audiences and in my opinion absolutely succeeds. So if you like good international cinema this is one movie that you cannot miss. Please notice that I'm not saying that this movie resembles a Hollywood movie as absolutely does not.

Hope that Indian filmmakers explore more this style that's a lot better than trying to do Hollywood-ish films, but I wouldn't be surprised if they don't as the film was a flop in India their natural market; but somehow surprises me that American critics -and some viewers reviews- rate the movie quite well, so there is hope.

Needless to say that I truly loved Aish performance and liked her dances, but her husband was magnificent especially when playing those little mad-man moments.

I highly recommend this film to those that enjoy good international films with strong story, strong performances by lead actors, spectacular cinematography and most tech specs, especially editing.

Absolutely loved the movie and is going directly to my collection.


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