Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 7 Cannes News

Today @ Cannes

Official Competition: Today the second film that really calls my attention starring the actress that HAS to win the Best Actress award –now I’m sure after hearing what she says about the film plus all the excellent clips that populate the net-. Yes I’m talking aobut Abbas Kiarostami’s Copie Conforme (Certified Copy). Also today a film that puzzles me because of images I have seen and dialogue I’ve heard, but I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy it, Des Hommes et Des Dieux by Xavier Beauvois.

Out of Competition: Stephen Frear’s Tamara Drewe, not rushing to watch but eventually I will; then one that surely will watch, Romanian Autobiografia Lui Nicolae Ceausescu by Andrei Ujica.

Special Screenings: Brazilian cinema 5 x Favela, Agora por nos Mesmos by several directors.

Un Certain Regard: I’m curious about Los Labios by Ivan Fund and Santiago Loza, very curious about Udaan by Vikramaditya Motwane and EXTREMELY curious about Octubre by Daniel and Diego Vega. I’ll check all news about today screenings as I want to learn more about the three films that totally stimulate my curiosity.

Cinefondation: Today this sections starts and Programme 1 will screen three short films. This section of the festival ends next Friday with the awards ceremony, so will be the first awards given in the 2010 fest. If you feel like learning the short films screening during the three days please go here.

Cannes Classics: Today this section will screen a film in conjunction with la Semaine de la Critique, Women are Heroes by JR, a documentary that definitively will watch. Also, 1946 Rene Clement’s La Bataille du Rail (Battle of the Rails) and 1932 Jean Renoir’s Boudu Save des Eaux (Boudu Saved from Drowning), both films are great oeuvres of French Cinema history. Last, 1939 Ket Lany Az Utcan (Two Girls on The Street) by Andre De Toth.

Cinema de la Plage: Another film surprise! Gee I forgot to check yesterday for the surprise films! (lol!) will check today maybe. But tomorrow the section will also screen Women are Heroes by JR.

Quinzaine: One film that have to watch, Des Filles en Noir by Jean Paul Civeyrac. Also Two Gates of Sleep by Alistair Banks Griffin and Illegal by Olivier Masset-Depasse.

Semaine de la Critique: Sound of Noise by Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjarne Nilsson plus the short film Deeper than Yesterday by Ariel Kleiman. This section will have the closing soiree on Thursday and the awards ceremony on Friday. Gosh the fest is coming to an end soon, time really ‘flies’.

The Not so Serious notes

Juliette looks fantastic in Copie Conforme photocall. Obviously all crazy photographers scream Juliette!!! but also another similar word lunette (lol!) asking Abbas Kirostami to take off his dark eyeglasses. Just to watch so natural Juliette check the photocall. There is also a nice interview video and if you understand French I suggest you switch to that language to avoid the awful simultaneous English translation voice over. It’s very refreshing to watch a very famous actress behaving so natural, ‘normal’ and most of all, being just lovely!

Copie Conforme early positive reviews in English do really worry me, does this means that the film will not be as Kirostami art house films, could be more commercial??? Still, I have to watch everything with Juliette, so eventually will find out if is Juliette's great performance in a romantic comedy or a great cinema experience. Anyway news in other languages also are good... hmm, hope is good non-commercial cinema.

Chopard had a party and news say Lindsay Lohan (looking not good), Paris Hilton (with all her family), Naomi Watts, Meg Ryan were there, but also 'shy' (?) Marion Cotillard, Emmanuelle Beart plus other celebrities.

Just for fun check the video...

The VERY Irreverent - Cannes at Night

Not Cannes Related

Bollywood film Kites will be (finally) released to international audiences and will become one of the widest releases ever for a Bollywood film. Yep, want to watch this one starring cute Hrithik Roshan and yes, Barbara Mori. No, Aish is not here (lol!).

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