Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 2 Cannes News

After browsing all over I found that articles in English are scarce while in other languages abound. So let’s try to do a summary.

The Serious News

As we all know today is when the festival really starts with the screening of the first film in competition, Tournée (On Tour) by Mathieu Amalric, a film with positive reviews that from trailer and clips I get the impression that’s going to be ‘gloriously decadent’ and until I watch it I’ll doubt that’s a comedy. Also today Rizhao Chongquing (Chongqing Blues) by Wang Xiaoshuai. Both photocalls are up at the Cannes official site and if you wish to watch them go here.

Manoel de Oliveira opens Un Certain Regard with his latest oeuvre O Estranho Caso de Angelica (Angelica) and the famous Portuguese director was all over the news as the only man in the world that yesterday had an audience with the Pope and later -a few miles away from Vatican city- was greeting Gilles Jacob. But the second film in this section is none other than Marţi, după Crăciun (Tuesday, After Christmas) by Radu Muntean, another must be seen film for me thanks to my true passion for Romanian cinema.

Parallel section Director’s Fortnight opens today with the world premiere of Benda Bilili! the documentary by Renaud Barret and Florent de la Tullaye about “the world’s most famous disabled music band” with his quirky joke: “this is the festival of cannes!”. Also 2010 Carrosse d’Or winner Agnes Varda’s Lions Love… (And Lies) will be screened as part of the opening day.

Semaine de la Critique officially opens with the Special Screenings film Le Nom de Gens (The Names of Love) by Michel Leclerc , but the film Sandcastle by Boo Junfeng is opening the competition and also today the short film Love Patate by Gilles Cuvelier. Photos and information will be at their official site from Friday, May 14.

If I was in Cannes definitively I would not go to a party tonight, instead I’ll go to enjoy watching the restored Fred Zinnemann’s 1953 film From Here To Eternity shown as part of the Cinema de la Plage program.

The Not so serious news

Wasn’t until today that I found out what Aish is doing in Cannes and I’m so glad to find that she has a new film that’s being promoted at Cannes, Raavan also staring Aish husband. From the plot summary I know I will like the movie that definitively is must be seen for me.

American TV Today show is in Cannes and Matt has a nice-to-watch interview with Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe that you can check at the show site. Speaking of Robin Hood, reviews headlines tend to not be positive, but who cares as this is film that many of us will watch no matter what critics say.

Oops, was forgetting the news about the gigantic poster unveiled at Cannes for Jack Black's version of Gulliver!!! I noticed the film news because the poster is really HUGE!!! (lol!) If you want to check this film and the other A or B-movies that marketing brings to Cannes streets check some pics here.

This is it for this morning; let’s see what happens when dusk arrives.


Aish at Tournee premiere red carpet.

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